Sunday - Christian Remake of Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

Yeah, atheists don't make fun of us enough. Why not do the obvious remake of Rebecca Black's Friday? And to assure as much hate as possible, go ahead and do a half-ass job on writing lyrics. And no, you're not too monotone. You're spot on!

On second thought, I take it back; I changed my mind. This is a brilliant use of trolling. Atheists hate God, of course, and the only thing they hate more than God are cheesy songs about God. Perhaps if someone can manage to make a Christian song bad enough, one of their heads could explode.

I managed to find Trinity Church. I poked around a little bit but they don't seem to have the original posted anywhere.

But anyway, I also ran across this failure. If the auto-tune wasn't thick on the first girl, this next one is so think the girl sounds like GlaDOS.
Also including this one because obviously the first girl took some of her lyrics from this remake.