The Trap - Wyclef Jean & Mike Dunafon

Yep. As all the ugly ass signs littering everyone’s lawns would indicate, the political season has arrived. Just as annoying as these lawn banners that appear to be getting larger, to the point they're blocking our the from oncoming traffic, political viral videos have started popping up. One of the first of this season was a video from supporters of the commie Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Now, from the complete other end of the political spectrum, a Libertarian from Colorado running for governor by the name Mike Dunafon.

Mike is the self proclaimed “most interesting politician in the world.” I like his platform enough that I’d vote for him, but man, he really needs to rethink his strategy; taking a Dos Equis commercial and plastering a variation of it all over his website....  It's like seeing someone's dad wearing skinny jeans and an ironic fedora. Awkward.

Here's the thing: Mike is getting up in the years. He looks like a combination between Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. I can understand how he wouldn't want to fall into that "old white male" stereotype the GOP has found themselves. But come on. He's trying way to hard. What he needs to remember is, for many of us 20's to 30-somethings, Ron Paul is freakin' Yoda. Libertarianism doesn't need a gimmick. Dry, clean cut freedom from an ever-expansive, ever-intrusive government is more then enough to excite the crowd hungry for change that won't turn our country into a dictatorship who's currency is virtually worthless. Young voters eat that shit up like it's go-gurt!

All a lame, awkward and hastily put together rap video does is delegitimize him to the rest of the crowd, turning him into a fringe candidate. Seen it too many times already and honestly I'm getting tired of it. Here in Oklahoma, for example, a few months ago a good man named Chad Moody ran against Mary Fallon for governor. In case you don't know, Fallon is loathed by lots and lots of people on both the left and the right. Chad Moody's politics could have had garnered enough support to knock her out on her ass, even considering the staggering neo-con crowed that exists in the state. Besides funds, his largest downfall was his slogan: "God, grass and guns".

Again, even with all the nonsense, Mike's platform is sound. I'd vote for 'em and I hope he wins.