Treat All Women With Respect - DaddyDaDa

This little song is really well intended but sadly "well intended" doesn't always equal good. 

I'm sitting here trying to figure out the actual value of DaddyDaDa's message. I mean, yes, violence of any form (physical, emotional, psychological, etc.) towards women and children is wrong. And yeah, women deserve our upmost respect; that's a no-brainer there. Most of us men learned this stuff from our parents at a very young age. And it's unlikely the minority who don't seem to understand this simple concept -those who kicked puppies as children- wouldn't listen to a clumsy rap from an aging lawyer in a leather jacket and backwards hat.

Maybe that'll be a better aim: bringing awareness of the importance of parents teaching their children this very essential value.

Again, this is so well intended and I commend them for that; at least they're out there trying something and I hope them the best. Their production value really isn't that bad - they have something there. I would suggest, however, for starters, DaddyDaDa passes the mic. The attractive girl to his right, for example: I can see her changing some hearts and minds. 

On a last note, they have a kickstarter to create a new video. Can't imagine why he feels they need $25,000 to create a new video. His mum must have raised him to always aim high, I suppose. Either way, I'm gonna need to keep my eye on this guy to see what he comes up with next.

And while you're at it, check out his website and facebook page.