True Survivor - David Hasselhoff

Never thought I would ever say these words but David Hasselhoff perhaps made one of the best videos I have ever seen in my life, and if that's not enough, it's entirely 80's theme.

It has everything: Karate, time travel,  Lambo's, explosions, dinosaurs, robots, a guy with a mullet operating 80's futuristic IT, a Nordic chick with guns, Nazi ass kicking and Thor....the freakin' Viking god Thor! And the entry line: "Permit denied". Brilliant! And if you say you don't want a Kung Fury like his, you're freakin' lying.

Sure, the song itself it's generic 80's tripe; it might as well been written by Survivor but who cares? As awesome as the video is itself, think we can all look pass that. Hell, the video tricks the senses to make us believe the song is actually pretty good!

I have to say, I've gained a whole new respect for the Hoff.