Twerking Isn't Drunk White Girl Dancing (aka Miley Display)

6ward Dumaine - Crowd Mova Chrystal


I find it amazingly mind blowing how the mainstream is referring to what Miley Cyrus was doing as Twerking. It wouldn't take a person more than a few minutes on youtube to discover that's incorrect, but rather, she was doing the drunk white girl grind; the constant pseudo-sexy tongue play would account for that. I consider it as journalistic laziness of an ignorant east coast elite, who once seen/heard of twerking and associated what she was doing with that.

Personally, I feel the best representation of twerking was illustrated by Lady and her crew. That being said, wow, there's some amazing examples here as well. Through the open sunroof had to be my favorite. Not being able to understand a single word Crowd Mova Crystal said, that's a great, raw touch; it really adds a nice layer of cheese to all that beef.

On top of that, here, along with people like Mr. Ghetto, Big Freedia, and Keedy Black, illustrates a hip-hop sub-genra best known as "Bounce Music". They're really fun to mix and mash together and especially easy considering they're all 102bps (+- 1bps). Guess butt cheeks slap together best at that frequency. On top of that demented DJs, like myself, can create a mind numbingly painful set lasting for hours causing any rookie of the crap arts to run screaming and/or give a woman permanent damage to her lower back.