Welcome To Earbleed 2.0

It's a new year and I couldn't think of a better time to launch the new design of this website than on midnight January 1, 2012. I've been working on this site on and off the past few months, getting it exactly how I want it and, even though it's not 100% how I want it, it's already better than the old website. I wanted to build this site a little more facebook-centered; making it, considering everyone and their mother is on facebook these days, just that much easier for people to share the worst music the Internet affords us. User logins have been disabled because there is little to no use for them given the format of this site. Plus, the site-side commenting system wasn't really being utilized anyway. That's just one less thing for me to worry about.

Although I have tested this sight on every browser if you come across anything funky, anything that doesn't appear to look right, please let me know on our facebook page or twitter account. One issue I have noticed as a possible problem is with viewing the site on mobile devices. Hopefully I will eventually fix that problem by porting an RSS-style format to such devices.

The biggest change for this website may have to be the content management system. I decided to ditch Joomla for Drupal. I made this decision because, 1. Joomla was starting to piss me off and also, 2. Drupal, in conjunction with the Omega template system, is far more module based and far more <DIV> XML stylescript based. The latter seem very important to me for the fact this is the direction web design is going. Also, this format is far more HTML5 friendly, which is the next big advancement on the world wide web. So yeah, I'm using a new system and pushing my web design knowledge a bit more, so given there's a bit of a learning experience, a few things from time to time could appear a bit sketchy. I'm a quick learner so chances are I'm only shooting in the breeze talking about it.

The biggest downside to the new CMS is that the old database isn't compliant with the new system, requiring me to manually re-enter every one of the 500+ earbleeds posted in the past year and a half. At this time I still have a couple hundred needed transferring. I was hoping to have everything over by launch date but my normal life, the Christmas holiday and Team Fortress 2 kept my attention occupied more than I was expecting. Hopefully over the need week or two everything should be on the new site. In the meantime, I'll keep the old website online and open so if there was something you're looking for, you can still search for it from there.

A few more specific things have changed: The Categories section is now looked at as an archive of all the content created. There is still subcategories like on the old website. Each content node has been properly labeled for the various categories even though I haven't replaced all the link lists for each of the queries. I will get to that eventually; it's all as simple as creating a menu for a "view" variable. I have also replaced the Top 10 earbleeds of the month with "DJ's Picks". The very idea of a top 10 list was to highlight the most epic stuff people would most likely want to share with their friends and co-workers. DJ's Picks is simply a better and more instant way to do this. I simply need to train myself to determine on a fly what's the most epic from what isn't. I've also made it easier right on the front page to see the newest stuff that's been posted. I see our numbers. I know most people only view this website once or twice a week and having a nice clean, easily viewable list would be more useful for everyone. Also on the front page, right below DJ's blogs, is a randomizer. Each time you visit the frontpage, the sight will pick five earbleeds at random. I find it fun to see what forgotten gems pop up.

Think that's about it. I welcome any kind of feedback anyone has, including any ideas anyone may have. Hope you like this new design!