Who Could Support The Liberals - ForAmerica.org

Yep, here we go again. Tonight a couple suits are going to stand up to talk about how the other person is a liar and how their party is responsible for all of the world's problems. Personally, after watching this crap for what I'm sure has been two years now, I'm reminded of the classic Richard Pryor movie, Brewster's Millions. That's who I'm voting for!

Since my mind is made up I'm not even going to bother watching the debate; pundits and people on facebook in form of mems are going to banter off about it till the next debate anyway. My time is much better spent reeking havoc on Team Fortress 2. Feel free to look me up if you want to join in.

Obviously this is a very right-leaning video. Before you jump to judgment remember that both sides are guilty of making crap like this. So yeah, at least the stupidity is bipartisan.