The Wild World of Jan Terri

For those who don't know who Jan Terri is, she's a woman from Chicago, Illinois who always wanted to be a music star. In spite of singing and making music videos since the early 90's, she never received any real attention until her videos started going epic on youtube. Because of her short and girthy frame, horrible singing skills, lack luster lyrical style, cheesy, canned instrumental accompaniment and impressively low production quality in both the audio and video realm, she's prime for epicosity. We've already covered Excuse My Christmas, Losing You and Get Down Goblin. There's a lot of wonderful brown that she has done, so I decided to blog them all out right here, right now. Hopefully there will be other's popping up as time goes on and I'd like to get these out of the way first. So buckle up, we're going to dive right into this.

Journey to Mars circa 1993

If you've already listened to the first three examples you will notice many of the same mannerisms in each clip. She has the tendency to exclaim her lyrics using a wail that sounds like a middle-aged housewife singing a power ballad in the shower. When she's on the camera while belting a note, she has an expression on her face like she's hitting a note three octaves over middle C on stage at Madison Square Garden all while swaying back and forth almost nervously and with a fake sense of confidence. It's really her signature move.

Excluding her 80's Nissan Z in the background, in this video the videography is almost identical to that in Losing You, mixed in with inspiration from early Star Trek and Freedom of Choice era Devo. Get use to that.

I'd Like To Make It With You Babe
From her Album, Baby Blues

Yes, that's right. She has an album. Actually she has two (Baby Blues, 1993 and High Risk, 1996 I believe) and I'm trying to get my hands on them.

This has the same lazy lyric style and guitar solo breaks as usual but you can tell she was going for a 60's love song feel. She kind of missed the mark on that one. It actually reminds me of the theme song to early-90's America's Funniest Home Videos with Bob Saget.

Baby Blues

Here's the title track to her aforementioned album. Went with the ol' honky-tonk. Such an interesting choice for a Chicago girl. I've been to many dives like the place this video was shot -Oklahoma and Texas are full of them- so therefore the guy's close up shots disturbed me somewhat. Let's just say one can't always tell what's going on behind those 'baby blues' and when you can, it rarely ends well. Um, but anyway, let's move on....

She recorded another country-western song:

If You Want a Divorce

Leave it to a Midwestern to make a country-western song about divorce. So stereotypical! I guess this is the sequel for her song Losing You.

Rock And Roll Santa

Nope! Excuse My Christmas wasn't her first Christmas song.

I really love how they save money on props by just going to public places, looking through windows. They could have decked out a hall somewhere with decorations, toys, etc, but screw that, the mall already did that and it's free! Oh, and I'm glad to see the drainage stream again!

Little Brother

This one is so amazing. Jan and her friends try their hand at a bit of acting. They really should continue on that endeavor. On top of that, I love earbleeds that remind me of other earbleeds: Happy Song From France and Yo' Little Brother.

Okay, here's six of her most epic songs. There's a few more left out there but I think this illustrates the point perfectly without driving the weaker individuals to suicide.

Jan Terri behind the music, or The One The Only: Jan Terri

You can't leave this page without watching her documentary. Whoever did this is pure genius! Given the camera work, I'm guessing it's the same guy who shot all her music videos. I couldn't imagine anyone else filming it. It works so perfectly. The video is only around 15 minutes long and worth every second of it.

In the video they talk about how Jan put together her songs, the recording process, the thoughts of everyone around as she was recording her songs, what her live shows were like. It's obvious they know her music sucks, but, like me, they don't want to discourage her from the wonderment that's her musical career; there's too much joy to rune. Also hear from Jen herself about "the business", her success, how popular her live shows are, etc. You can even hear from her parents, talking about little Jen trying to play an alto saxophone. This documentary is so very sweet, sad and funny all at the same time. Again, pure genius!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four