Has Lady Gaga & Marilyn Manson ever been seen together?

I really can't be the first person to make the observation that Lady Gaga is beginning to look very much like Marilyn Manson. I watched Monday's Tonight Show this evening on Hulu and I couldn't help but find this striking resemblance.

It seems perfectly suitable for me to bring this up, even giving I try to concentrate on the musical aspects of pop-culture; but when an "artist" - and I use that word lightly in this case - cares more about her image in pop-culture than the music she puts on a CD, fashion becomes, forces itself, as being just as relevant to the medium as her music itself. As asinine this concept may be, this has been very much the case for the past 30 years. We've seen it start in the 80's with such debacles as The Culture Club and Madonna. Speaking of which, Lady Gaga is nothing more than a rehash between them. Or more specifically stated: Lady Gaga is the inbred child between Madonna and Marilyn Manson with a little "man glitter" sprinkled on top contributed from Boy George.

Since I brought up Madonna, my wife mentioned how the song Lady Gaga performed - Born This Way - at the Grammy Awards sounded to be ripped off from Madonna. I had to look back myself for I completely slept through the Grammy Awards. The Hollywood Gossip makes a pretty good case on how it sounds very much like Madonna's 1989 hit Express Yourself. Given how they both work from the same genre, "Shock Pop", it only seems reasonable to me their songs, after a while, would begin to sound very much the same. As easy as it would be to rag on her about this, 1. she doesn't hold the musical credibility for this to hurt her image and 2. I actually wouldn't expect any less from her.

Earlier this evening I tweeted how this time a year from now, Lady Gaga would look virtually identical to Marilyn Manson. The thought of Lady Gaga is bad enough and Lady Gaga taking her styling cues from Marilyn Manson is even worse; Now, imagine Lady Gaga as a dead ringer for Marilyn Manson while wearing her meat dress.

Don't rack your brain on that. I've gone ahead and photoshopped it for you.

"I'm a free bitch baby"
-Lady Gaga

Smashing Pumpkins' D'arcy Wretzky Mugshot

Recently TMZ reported the Smashing Pumpkins' bassist D'arcy Wretzky was arrested for "failure to appear in court". The charges are nothing that would rune anyone's life; Lindsay Lohan gets in more trouble on her way home from church.

What caught my attention was her mug shot.
Here's a then & now:

Seeing things like this is what makes me feel old. I know mugshots don't exactly shine the best light, doesn't do one justice, but seeing this side-by-side reminds me of all the meth addict progression shots we've all been shown in high school; a real mellon collie and the infinite sadness, so to speak.

She now lives on a farm in Michigan not concerning herself too much with the public life she lived while with the Pumpkins. As long as she can keep her horses in line, sounds like a honorable life. After all, it beats the alternative.

America is Dumbing Down Pop-Culture


If you're in your 30's and didn't have too much fun in the decade, like me you'd remember the 90's quite well. This video reminded me a big part of the early to mid-90's. I remember very well how all of society's problems seem to be blamed on pop-culture; and done so very haphazardly.

Take this example: This is a story from a small TV affiliate 5 o-clock news in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm guessing this is from around 91/92. They were doing a story on a string of arsons in the city. Very amazingly they open talking about the rash of fires but the story seems to be more about the song from MC 900 Ft. Jesus, "The City Sleeps".

The People's Choice Music: The Most Wanted & Unwanted Songs

Komar & Melamid is an artistic group who set forth a goal of creating the most and least desirable music. With the aid of composer Dave Soldier and a survey of approximately 500 individuals, that's exactly what they did. These pieces were created in 1995 but I still find them sociologically fascinating.

Let's start with the "Most Unwanted Song"

This is a 22 minute long piece which seems incredibly random in nature. They included instruments such as bagpipes, harps, a tuba, banjo and other instruments they found in their survey to be the least desirable / most hated.

The song is segmented into seemingly numberless minute to two minute sections each including elements that causes a very uncomfortable chill to go up one's spine; much like fingernails on a chalkboard. They constructed these sections to seem completely random and awkward and this very act creates an entire other level of mind-numbingly repetitive monotonousness.

This could almost pass as a funny song with, among other asinine things, the inclusion of an Operatic rapper, children yelling political terms, slogans, names, brand names, random words and the hook that keeps coming up every few minutes, "Do all your shopping at Wal-Mart!" But of course this is all on the basis people hate to hear kids in songs, especially as a marketing ploy or for political gain. Yeah, I agree.

The Opera rapper singing 'how great it is out on the range' reminds me of Klaus Nomi. I honestly can expect to see this rapping style hit the mainstream in the not-to-distant-future.

These guys did a pretty damn good job making a song that's terrifying to listen too. I feel however, they missed a few things:

  1. They didn't address out-of-tune instruments. That may be the main reason people hate bagpipes and banjos; they're instruments that naturally sound sharp.
  2. There was no unnecessarily vulgar lyrics which we find in many examples I've given on this website.
  3. Outside of the kids singing, they didn't seem to really cover bad singing. On top of that, I would hope if they did this study today, they would splatter auto-tune all over the song.

Tori Amos: The Britney Spears for College Chicks

I'm not completely sure how to wright this blog but here we go… Since the 90's I've been watching Tori Amos' career. There's always been something about her that rubbed me the wrong way. The other day it hit me: It's so simple, she sucks! Tori Amos has to be one of the most over rated "artists" out there. Okay, she's got a lot over the Britney Spears and Lady Gaga's out there but hear me out.

Tori Amos became popular around the same time as the Seattle scene. We were coming off watered down hip-hop and the first round of boy bands so of course we wanted something a little different. Because it was the 90's it had to be a little edgy but still safe. For us guys, it was bands like Nirvana, STP, Soundgarden, RAGE and Pearl Jam. For girls, Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos along a few others hit that mark perfectly.

Ever since the 90's Tori Amos has been seen as this avant-garde, alternative, free thinking artists who's going to save music without "selling out to the man!", when in reality, she doesn't sound any different than any other female musician with an acoustic guitar singing into a bad microphone in some smokey bar or university campus coffee shop.



May God be with us this 9/11

This use to be another late-summer day just like any other but now its a day that causes everyone to choke up a little bit by the very mention of the date. A day of memorial. A day of memorial for those who lost and have lost. I think I speak for most people when I say it's not a day to find reasons to hate. So, for God's sake, don't allow us to reduce this day to such a spectacle; I feel it'll be a spit in the face of everyone who lost their lives today nine years ago.

No book burnings and no hate speech from any sides! And leave your political agendas at home!

I happen onto this a couple weeks ago. We forget the rest of the world felt the shock of this as well. After all, this wasn't just an American tragedy, it was a tragedy for all mankind. I believe everyone of sound mind and peaceful heart shed a tear that day and every 9/11 since then.

I pray everyone has a wonderful 9/11, no matter how odd that may sound. After all, how better to give memorial than with a smile?

I can't drive 55 but 0 mph no problem!

This song only barley qualities as an earbleed (Sammy Hagar is great but when he finds a riff he likes, he'll play it over and over and over again), so why did I think of it? Well, for the same reason that it's been a few days since I last posted. I personally was unable to drive 55 myself because my car wouldn't start. And when I have car problems, I can't think of anything else.

I think all the problem was from a clogged fuel filter. Let me give you a rule of wisdom: if you can't remember the last time your fuel filter has been changed, especially if your car doesn't get as good of gas mileage it once has, do yourself a favor and change it.

In the very least, your friends won't have to deal with hearing you go on about car and the idea your car's gas is about the same color as the petrol spewing in the gulf is very disturbing. Plus it's a cheap and easy fix (if this computer geek can do it, anyone who can fit under their car can). Thanks to my friends who gave me a hand though all this (giving me rides and putting up with my stress). I really am blessed.

Happy Memorial Day!

There are plenty of patriotic songs out there and I feel its only proper to give even the most insipid of patriotic song a pass on this website. They're all from the heart and that's beautiful in my book.

But more importantly:

When our troops are concerned, politics hold no priority over the sacrifice our troops gave/give for the service of the country we all hold so dear. No matter how one feels about the involvement, it's my modest opinion anything less than the utmost respect for these fine men and women is unacceptable.

May God bless our troops and deliver them a safe and timely return. Our fallen soldiers will never be forgotten.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day.

About this website and what is an earbleed.

What qualifies a song as being an earbleed?

Generally speaking, an earbleed is any song that is asinine, badly made, badly executed, redundant, and/or simply annoying in nature. The noun 'Earbleed' can even refer to a so-called artist who's prone to producing a string of earbleeds. There are examples where the qualification of an earbleed is based on an educated opinion by the DJ but there are many musical pieces/performances out there most everyone would agree is an earbleed.