The L-Town Hip-Hop Scene

Swag Step - Quava J

After doing a little bit of digging to get a feel of the hip-hop scene here in Lawton, Oklahoma I found this gem. Yeah, it may not be the best example of our local acts. For fairness to my beloved hometown I'll get to those in a minute.

Evidently after the release of this video, Quava J's musical aspirations was short-lived. All I managed to find was a MySpace page with a few more tracks and a facebook fan page with three likes and two posts: one of a photo of her looking old-school hip and another with a link to her now deleted ReverbNation page.

I love she decided to shoot this video at one of our loveliest parks, Elmer Thomas Park with kids and the L-Town Ruff Riders motorcycle club. It's cute and sweet but that doesn't save its horridness. Seriously, Swag Step? Those two words alone kill this song. The worst word in the English dictionary is swag and songs dedicated to simplistic dance moves is beyond cheesy. She seem to give it her most though and she had fun in the process; I gotta give her that.

Pussy - Lady

Haven't checked in a while so I was wondering if Lady came out with anything new and, happy day, she's has!

How funny is it she's advertising makeup at the end of this video? Someone at that cosmetic company seriously sucks at product placement.

But anyway, yeah, a song about her pussy. Who would have seen that one coming? No pun intended. I'm still waiting, or should I say fearing, the day when she actually puts that thing out for display. You don't have to pay too close of attention to notice she's letting her nips out there.

She says that her pussy is is good, that it's sweet and it's even good enough to eat. But later she mentioned she got that new pussy old pussy.... Explain that one to me. I imagine something like a 1984 Chevy Caprice with new pussy smell. No matter how good the condition it may be in that odometer done rolled over several times.

Pop That Remix - Lil Poopy

I find it hard to believe in a society of our reality TV trash this 9-year-old's display is being denigrated, called overtly shocking and exploitive. What else do you expect? We live in a society where stupidity and laziness is rewarded while ingenuity, risk and hard work is punished and words like honor and dignity is no longer in our vernacular.

Bernard Bey a.k.a. Brooklyn Streets: Fail of the Month

I think we're all in agreement that this guy is a compete loser. He fails in life so, rather than working hard to get back on his feet, he sues his parents for $200,000 and a pizza franchise. He has become the poster boy for today's entitlement culture and he encompasses everything wrong with our generation and younger.

Why am I even talking about this twat? He isn't just a failure of a human being, he's also a failure wannabe rapper.

Bey doesn't come from money but he had opportunities. According to his personal facebook page (here's his fan page) he has a high school degree, he graduated from ASA College in the study of Business Administration/Accounting (Surely to start his own stereotypical record label) and most recently he even took auto repair in a trade school. There's people who's done far more with much less. It's simple human nature: if one sits around bitching about what he doesn't have, he won't realize what he does have to work with and that shitty attitude will sink him like a stone. Or, if you wish to look at it another way, it's simple Darwinism: the strong flourish, whiny little bitches are out on the street.

Here's a "live" performance of him doing his "hit" Blackout. It should make you feel a little better about Beyonce's lip syncing performances.

If you listen to his songs one thing you'll find is most of what he seems to rap about is makin' it in the rap game, his street cred, living in New York (specifically Brooklyn) and oral sex. Listening to this guy rap is like watching paint dry. He hasn't a shred of originality. His style is similar to that of an upper-middle class, suburban 12-year-old white boy after listening to a few Jay-Z and Nelly cds. I'd love to watch this guy in a freestyle battle; he'd get his ass handed to 'em by Fozzy Bear. Waka waka, mutha f--ka!

The Funky Fresh Senior Choir

There needs to be someone to kill songs that lived long after they've become stale. The Funky Fresh Senior Choir (ironic name on so many levels) is perfect to facilitate this need. Evidently this group is no longer together, at least their website is no longer valid. It's a shame, really. It would be nice to know a little more about this group; why their leader felt this was a good idea, where they're from and, most of all, so they can continue to kill terrible songs.

And come on, surely I'm not the only one who would like to see them attempt the Gangnam Style dance. May end in a few broken hips and shattered knees and elbows but it'd be funny there for a while.

Quack like a duck - G.O.A.T. And Your M.O.M.

If ever you have that moment where you start to feel that you may have a porn or a sexual addiction of some type, here's a test. If this gets you hard, I would suggest getting professional help.

Don't know what is that guy with a rattail running around. May be a safe bet he's a big fan of the band.
Side note: One can never trust a grown man with a rattail.

It's Free Swipe Yo EBT - Chapter

Just noticed I never moved this one over from when I upgraded this website around a year ago. I decided to repost it, rather than just repopulate it back in, because of a video of "Chapter" that surfaced on facebook. Back when this video was released many people jumped to her defense, saying that people need to get a since of humor and how this video was meant as satire. Let's see what people have to say now.

There is so much that can be said about this video.....and I did when I first posted it.....but this time around, with the up coming economic collapse we're facing (i.e. the fiscal cliff), and how people are still trying to get as much shit for free without asking nor caring where the money is coming from and ranting, "Pick their pockets!", I'll just be wasting my time.

Christmas - Froggy Fresh

Krispy Kreme Froggy Fresh!!!

Okay, so he started the whole thing out rhyming figure with figure, I still say this'll prove to be the the best Christmas song all year. I couldn't help but to think he would have a new bike somewhere on his list since his was stolen.

MC Froggy Fresh, I'm a fan but WTF is with you and John Cena? Seriously. It borders on disturbing. And yeah, Money Maker Mike, those are some sick kicks. Rockin' em' old school.

It's Thanksgiving - Nicole Westbrook

Patrice Wilson at the Ark Music Factory is at it again. After the backlash from the horrible song writing of Rebecca Black's "Friday" one would think they would put a little more effort in their songs. But no, in fact they took the sudo-educational lyrical style (e.g. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards) and put it right in the sub-chorus: "December was Christmas, January was New Year, April was Easter and the forth of July. Now it's Thanksgiving!"
They did mix it up a bit this time. Rather than Patrice himself doing the rap break, he left the liberty to Nicole. Frankly, I don't know which is worse.
To be fair I have to say, at least after the nasal vocal stylings of Rebecca Black, Nicole has a decent voice. I can't say she's right for solo work; She has the kind of voice that would sit nicely in a Christmas children's choir at your local Methodist Church. It's hard to say for sure though: This is AMF after all thus her voice is hidden in a deep glossing of auto tune. And perhaps it's all a relative kind of thing.

Take the 'R' Train - Amateur Romney Political Campaign


Hmm, take the 'R' train. Makes me wonder if Duke Ellington was an anarchist.

We're a little over two week away from picking a new president and tonight we have one more debate to stomach though. Every four years we always banter on and on about one candidate or the other. It's easy for us to get bogged down in our ideological details but let's remember we live in the same country and most of us still hold many of the same values on which this nation was founded; that of mutual respect, support for each other's personal liberties, the freedom to have and express our views and so on.

That said, the liberty we're afforded is a breeding ground for crazies and I present this earbleed as a perfect example. Keep in mind even the left have their own crazies to worry about, so there's no finger pointing here.