Wilder - Gnesa

It's been a rather long and monotonous week and how better to prepare for a better week than with a good laugh?

I always find it humorous when the vocal track is blended into the instrumental accompaniment in the vain attempt to make the song sound less bad. Whatever sounds great to one's own ears while scraping the virtually endless layers of makeup off one's face in the shower, when sang into a microphone, well, microphones don't lie.....which is why they become manipulated.

It's fairly unclear who Gnesa is. She showed up as randomly as the little girl everyone is comparing her to. According to her facebook page (not fan page, mind you) she's a professional singer-songwriter living in New York City. You know what they say: If you can't make it there, give it a go on the Internet.

I Just Want to Ride Bikes With YOU

Ride Bikes

There was a time when wedding pictures never left the wedding album and videos stayed on VHS. I'm sure they're a lovely couple and she seems like a very loving person who's full of joy and life. All this is good and I'm happy for them but why must everyone engage in public displays of affection by putting such nonsense on youtube?

According to the original video description:

"This surprise wedding music video was created for my husband 
Todd Evan Krieger in Venice Beach, California and unveiled for
him at our wedding reception in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Other shots shown are in Malibu, Laguna Beach, Tahoe, Ixtapa,
Burning Man, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Topanga
Canyon, Taos, Vancouver, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands.

I'd like to give a major shout out to Panos Stoumpos whom hit
the pavement with me capturing shots; he's a creative rock star.
Steve McCormick is super talented and was uber helpful in the
studio when recording, and John David Heeg buttoned everything
up with his rad editing skills.

Hats off to our beautiful cat Balka...and of course my amazing
husband Todd whose love inspired this video!!!
Everything's okay-o when I'm with Tadeo."

Well, that's all fine and nice but it would be ​naive of me to believe she didn't also create this video -and later shared on youtube- to shove her happiness in the noeses of those around her who perhaps isn't as lucky as she perceives herself. It may sound mean, but no, that's simple human nature we're all guilty of from time to time......if/when we're lucky......otherwise why else would anyone use facebook?

Early Naughties Pier 1 Imports Employee Training Rap

Imagine being a guy in his mid-40's, starving so badly for a job he decides to work at a Pier 1 till he's able to get back on his feet again. Having to work retail in a strip mall franchise with snarky liberal arts majors would be difficult enough without having to first sit down to watch an intellectually insulting piece of crap like this.

Gangnam Style - PSY

When I fist saw this I thought to myself, "Great a Korean LMFAO" and I ignored it. Tired of doing international stuff; one get's in a domestic mood from time to time. But it's really been buzzing over the weekend (e.g. mems on facebook and the like). You know what this is a rebirth of, right? Remember the Six Flags guy? Maybe this guy's American popularity could simply be nostalgia.

Jesus Lean - B-Shoc

For the life of me I will never understand why people see the need to hip up religion. I'm not about to tell anyone how to worship but if your god needs to be cool, you're not doing it right. I've heard of a rise in "urban" Christian hip-hop groups formed to reach out to kids who otherwise would be lost to drugs and gangs. I kind of get that: when one goes to Italy he doesn't have Chinese food. Some subcultures are stuck in such a dangerous habitual loop, people who want to make a positive change have to think out of the box yet in a way kids in that community are use too. That usually takes individuals who know their intended target; generally individuals who were raised in that said community. This guys, however, I get the impression isn't straight outta Compton.

Hammer - Keedy Black

Thought this sounded pretty familiar and then I realized it's made by the same guy who came up with Wal-Mart. Oh yeah, don't know what Bonose TV is, but whoever is running it loves the twerk and mind-numbing repetition. Obviously they know what sells!

Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom - Farrah Abraham

Another completely useless and talentless fake celebrity who wants to branch out into music. It's getting really old at this point. Watching these wannabe starlets breaking into a musical career is like watching a bird fly into a window over and over again, never figuring it out until it falls dead of a broken neck. It's funny at first, then it becomes pretty sad but now it's just annoying.

I never understood the show Teen Mom. 1. Why would any self-respecting parent allow their teenager be exploited, putting their family's dirty laundry on national TV? and 2. Culturally speaking, how can this crap be good for anyone? It's both depravity and voyeurism......but surely, again, I'm stating the obvious. No one is learning anything other than how dumb our youth is becoming. There are girls actually getting knocked up so they can be on Teen Mom. 

We have a real problem with faux-celebritism in this country; it's like some people believe it's a constitutional right to be famous and on national TV. I don't know, maybe they're right: the only prerequisite being the total lack of good judgment, no sense of dignity or, for the very least, a public display of absolute, unexplainable stupidity. Above anything else, modern MTV pop-culture is a strong argument for home-schooling.

11-Year-Old Girl Murders The Star Spangled Banner at MLS Soccer Match

Think the best word to use to explain this would be 'unfortunate'. The girl got some pipes but no f'ing clue how to use them. Reportedly, her parents tried to explain away her flubbing by saying she had trouble hearing herself as she belted the song at Saturday’s Dallas-Los Angeles soccer match [cite]. Yeah, that's a good lesson to teach your child; blame the PA system. Brilliant. After all, surely she's the first vocalist who ever had to sing under those conditions.

Young Juggalo Making a Fool of Himself.

Yet another example why kids shouldn't own smart phones.

Juggalos say that no one understands them and that's why they became Juggalos. I sure as hell can understand that; they obviously didn't become Juggalos for all the wonderful music. 

Tosh.o gave this 14 year-old boy who's evidently lost and alone, even though he still lives with his parents, a web redemption a few days back where he was able to meet Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope personally to do a, well, do what they're known to do. If you haven't seen it, you're not required to watch; it's exactly what you'd expect. Although I really wish they snuck in something about magnets.