Oriental WTF

I don't know what's the funniest thing about this video. It has everything. Is it the nasal, mind-numbingly repetitive singing, low production quality, crazy, almost neurotic dancing, lip syncing that's not even close, terrible acting between apathetic facial impressions?

Nice Peace

They really do things differently over there in Japan. In this country an elderly bald man wearing a school girl uniform would be seen as odd and many parents wouldn't be so comfortable allowing him to make a video with their children. He really got a peculiar Sound of Music thing going on there: "The hills are alive by the sound of earbleeds!"

Hot Problems - Double Take

Thanks to my friend Scott for sharing this mess with me.

Teenage girls are so befuddling. I suspect my interactions with them while in high school is the explanation why by the time I reached college my focus was diverted towards international women. Aah, foreign women: no matter if they're from the West Indies, Asia, Europe or wherever else, their flavor can spice up anyone's living experience. But I digress.

Danger In The Manger - iwrestledabearonce

This is so confusing, it's almost a work of art. It's bubble gum pop with a bunch of deathcore mixed in. And really, how can a video that includes puppies, laser equipped sea turtles and a baby Jesus with an afro ever be bad?

Hauptschuhle - HGich.T

I mark this as a win all day long. Moments like this I wish I followed through with learning German. Can someone please translate this for me?

Don't Look In The Closet!

Oh Everything is Terrible, your epicocity knows no bounds. Personally, I wouldn't be as concerned about what's in the closet as I would about a father that'll jump in the bathtub with his son and his friend.

Florence Jenkins Singing the Queen of the Night Aria From Magic Flute

There are a lot of horrible singers throughout history. We only hear of the great singers and musicians through time. Like I discovered with Madame St-Onge, I greatly enjoy finding music that's been bleeding everyone's ears long before I was alive. Florence Jenkins, much like most people these days, became famous with the aid of her father's money. People had better sense back then. He refused to fund her futile musical career; she had to wait till he died and acquired her inheritance. It's pretty funny really. If her father did support her dreams in becoming an opera singer, he would have paid for her to get classical training in Europe. Here's the amusing part for me, she obviously would have never become a good opera singer, but she wouldn't have sucked as badly. She would have faded in with all the other rich girls turn lack luster opera singers that existed back then and we never would have heard of her.

El Niño Mas Bonito - Mini Daddy (Adrianstio)

This kids a little pimp! I'm glad to see Manny from Modern Family finally decided to step up to get himself some game. Oh and we can't forget his little background dancers. ¡Muy Picante!

Gym - Dave Neurotic, feat. Young Zeus and The Duffinator

I love these guys. They're brilliant, even if they're not going for a kind of Andy Kaufman humor. Being a moderately awkward bloke myself, I can really relate with these guys. Oh, and to be a fly on the wall, the humid sweat-moistened wall, while they were working out the lyrics to this song.