My Jeans - Jenna Rose feat. Baby Triggy

How could I have possibly not come across this until now!? This song predates Rebecca Black's Friday, so, in every fashion, right down to the mid-song urban black guy rap break, GlaDOS style auto-tune (which is amazingly thicker than in Friday), and nothing subject, Jenna Rose is Rebecca Black before Rebecca Black!

For me, over everything else, this song is Further proof teenage girls shouldn't be on the Internet. Not at least until they reach the age 16... On second thought, 18. They sure as hell don't need iPhones; surely we could all agree with that.

Rick Roll, Manualist Style

What a world we live in, isn't it? I looked it up: "Manualism - the little-known art of playing music by squeezing air through the hands." And how great is this?

It would be so easy to rag on the guy and make some kind of masturbation joke, but no. If you think about it, what you're experiencing here is the cornerstone of America. No, not fart noises - not entirely at least - but rather, this guy found the one thing he's good at, and no matter how stupid that thing may be, he kept working at it until he became the best manualist he could possibly be. Kudos my friend and God bless this great nation!

I'm Proud to Be a Jew

Of course I have nothing against Judaism but what a cheesy song. According to my source, this was made in 1984 and is on an old album called To See The World Through Jewish Eyes Volume II (Union Of American Hebrew Congregations LP-571500).

There's a little bit of information on this record but I'm having a hard time finding a track sheet and album artwork. I found volume one on ebay and that's the photo I used for this entry. As far as I can figure this was a series of children's songs. Much like Christian children's songs, they're designed to help a child identify with their religious and cultural roots at a young age, and to feel comfortable and normal with their traditions. All great stuff, but wow, so painful to listen too.

Ooh Stick You - Daphne and Celeste

We've all gone to primary school. We all knew who the "mean girls" were. And it's somewhat gratifying to know they're usually the girls who end up preggers by age 17 and/or doing porn, being railed by some creepy guy and strung out on drugs by age 30. Oh adulthood: it really is the great equalizer.

The Linda Finkle Hall of Fame

Back around '05 to '06, for my birthday my wife gifted me my very first iPod and back then podcasts was the next new thing. I checked out many podcasts like Nobody Likes Onions, Keith and the Girl and Red Bar Radio. There was one podcast that I found which was different from all of those; that podcast, which is hosted by Tim Henson called the Distorted View Daily. The best way to describe Tim's podcast is as the audio version of fetish pornography. His show is best known for featuring the most disgusting, most disturbing audio the Internet affords us.

One really has to have a strong stomach to even attempt to listen to his show but if you can manage handle stuff like the dick hole guy and "chicken nugget!" you'll be rewarded with amazing features like his Linda Finkle Hall of Fame. The Linda Finkle Hall of fame is a bit Tim has come up with to feature the worst music his listeners could conjure up.

For the past few years, before I started this website, I quit listening to DV; I become less interested in podcasts and DV became too much for me to handle. I've recently started following his show again and was reminded of Linda Finkle.

Grippin' That Daddy - Brookert

Not entirely sure what I just listen to but now I feel dirty. Pretty much what I gather is she's like Lorena Bobbit if she were a porn star. That and/or an especially skanky Nicki Minaj with even less talent.

Jingle Bell Swag - Money Boy

Oh yeah, it's Money Boy: Everyone's favorite Austrian! Okay, maybe not. Love em' or hate em' you got to give it to the guy; he has pretty decent taste in women. I still don't know why he's constantly going on about swag but he does make a good argument for it. Poon is easily understood in every language and always provides for a merry Christmas.

If you missed it, you've also got to check out his song Dreh den Swag af.

Adolf Hitler - Ray Sipe.Lady GaGa.

I have no idea what's going on here, but I gather it has something to do with those idiot parents who named their kid Adolf Hitler. And I agree the Lady Gaga stuff is a great touch. I would even add if anyone could bring back the Hitler mustache it'll be this guy. Not too sure about his hat though.

Gettin' Dirty w/ Jesus

I know many of my last posts have been religion related. I promise, it just happen that way. It's one of those things, you know. There's nothing I would consider off the table on this website. Earbleeds are earbleeds, simply enough.

Included are two different subjects. I ran across this first song, "I Found Jesus" a few years back and completely forgot about it until I heard it again today. This song was made by the indie hip-hop artist, DZK and he's absolutely brilliant. Why a recording company like American hasn't signed him yet is beyond me. Check out his SoundClick or YouTube page to see his awesomeness.

No matter how much I can appreciate this song, I have to admit it's rather misguided, x-rated in the very least. If you think you picked up on a South Park reference, you're completely right

Now, now that you've listened to this wonderful piece of - for lack of a better word - parody, you may be thinking, "Oh, this is all in the realm of comedy. There's no way an actual church would subscribe to worship in a sexual nature."

Aah, it's funny you said that! Yes, there is. Actually they're more of a cult though. I submit to you our second subject: Family International!