Backstreet Boys Hipster Cover

This perhaps is the most hipster thing I've ever seen in my life. It's not bad enough they're singing the terrible Backstreet Boys song "As long as you love me" with a ukulele accompaniment, they're doing so in a room filled with vintage things including an old phonograph while dressed like it's 1932. I don't know in what neighborhood they live but this is exactly what I would come to expect if Austin's 6th St. had apartment complexes (don't know if there is or not). It's ironic, really: hipster culture would be so amazingly awesome if it wasn't for all the hipsters.

Thanks to Scott for finding the video for me.

My Aura - Rhett Ocean

I've suspected so much with his video, "Sup" when he went by the name Mason Kay Oman and I'm now convinced this kid is a troll. Do a simple google video search and you'll find every video he has made (which he's since set to private or flat out removed), he put his iPhone right up to his mouth like a complete tool, he's wearing that nasty red robe and I can only imagine how terrible his songs were.

He uploaded this video to a new account going by the name Rhett Ocean (if that's his real name *sarcasm*). Thanks, by the way, to Francis for sharing this with me on facebook.

Sup - Mason Kay Oman

Yet another example for why teenagers shouldn't have iPhones. At most this could be considered pedo candy, for the very least it's absurdly disturbing. We're learning a lot about what isn't sexy today: a zit covered awkward boy in his jammies and fluffy robe ≠ sexy. So yes, we could have done without the panning crotch shots.

Facebook Shawty - Estevan

One thing I personally never tire of is cheesy videos dedicated to facebook. It's one of those things that no matter how nerdy I may feel at any given time, and I am pretty damn nerdy, I'm actually doing okay socially speaking. I mean, we had past examples of guys talking about squeezing one off to girl's photos on facebook. Not to judge but if that's you, take that as a sign you need to get your life together.

But anyway, the steady constant behind the theory that any song written about social media is a guaranteed failure is still ironclad. Let's keep them coming and throw a few google+ ones in the mix as well.