Keep The Dogs Away - Thor

Yeah, the late 70's, early 80's was a rough time for Metal. It wasn't, in my opinion, until well into the 80's before the genre actually produced some talent.....Not to say I'm fully educated on the genre to begin with; there may some great stuff out there from this time period that I haven't come across yet.

But anyway, yes this band is completely serious. Believe me, I looked it up. This sounds like a bad mix between Spinal Tap and Wheelz of Steel. The lead man funny enough goes by the name "Jon Mikl Thor". I can only assume he made the name up, but I can't find any information on a possible surname. After his attempt into the musical spotlight he went back to bodybuilding. I think we can all thank him for that.

This is your 4 a.m. alarm call!!!

Learn How to Sing - Ken Tamplin

If you want to sing like the standard long hair band vocalist, call this guy. Otherwise, keep looking. Personally, I rather not sing this way but I'd kill for his self confidence. Solid as steel!

I Love My Mac

This is what you get when you have an overly excitable mac user in need of a boyfriend. I too prefer a Mac over a PC, but I'm not going to write a song about it.

Read a Book


DJ b is really hitting on serious epic ear bleeds, so I figure I better get this brain-drainer now while I have the chance.

I was holding onto it because just yesterday I posted that Ms. Peachez number. Really, I'm not a racist. I can't be held responsible for this in the slightest. Just consider me the media.

Oh, almost forgot. There's some serious language in here. Listen at your own risk.