Thank You Facebook

People, will you ever learn? There's been at least three examples this year alone (1 2 3) that writing a song about facebook is a BAD idea. It'll only result in you looking like a complete tool. What's even worse is this one's a collab. I don't want to see a middle-aged hipster dancing to a bad song. Why would I want to see a group of middle-aged hipsters and their spoiled kids dancing to a bad song with a cheesy British rap break sprinkled in?

Axel F - Crazy Frog

Whoever took the worst ring tone ever created and turned it into a full length music video should be shot.

Nice Peace

They really do things differently over there in Japan. In this country an elderly bald man wearing a school girl uniform would be seen as odd and many parents wouldn't be so comfortable allowing him to make a video with their children. He really got a peculiar Sound of Music thing going on there: "The hills are alive by the sound of earbleeds!"

Body Bag Full of Coke - Lean Team

What the hell does body bag full of Coke suppose to mean? And is it Coca-Cola or cocaine? These guys really covered every wigger stereotype from the past 20 years perfectly; everything from old school Vanilla Ice to the new school hipster LMFAO train wreck. Shooting their video in a Holiday Inn and across the street from a Burger King was the perfect touch.

Danger In The Manger - iwrestledabearonce

This is so confusing, it's almost a work of art. It's bubble gum pop with a bunch of deathcore mixed in. And really, how can a video that includes puppies, laser equipped sea turtles and a baby Jesus with an afro ever be bad?