facebook my favorite song


Can't believe I'm posting a second facebook-themed song today. And as hard it could be to believe, this is worse than Bangs'. This guy took about around a minute's worth of content and stretched it to four minutes. No girls in this video either. Just a dude with a laptop and a phone. He doesn't even sing about hookin' up with a shorty through facebook. Just looking at profile pics. Reminds me of this old Green Day Song

Zero Gravity - Kerli

The song may be generic and terrible but what an amazing video. It's something like Alice in Wonderland (Queen of Hearts) meets Aqua meets Björk meets Avatar (the movie) meets avatar (Second Life or The Sims) meets every 13-year-old boy's wet dream. If her aim is geeky guys, well executed!

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

What exactly is the target age range for this mess? I find it so very frustrating....hard to comprehend and even harder to put into words. I love how the plot in this cheesy little children's music video isn't any deeper than one in a porno. She's a teenager who doesn't work, even though she owns a classic Mustang. She has a crush on the neighbor boy. She has a band, even though there's no natural instruments in the entire song and their instruments aren't even plugged into anything nor anything to plug into. She suppose to be shy, yet she's having a one girl wet t-shirt contest on the hood of her car. Oh, and at the end. Who seen that coming! *Spoiler alert* Turns out he's gay.

Facebook (Uh oh oh) - Valentina Monetta

We all have that one friend who lives on facebook. They're the same friend who 10 years ago would be on AIM, no matter when you log on. I'm not one to speak ill of facebook or any other form of social networking; working as a web admin, they make my job just that much easier. Think we can all agree if you develop crazy eyes and write a horrible pop song about facebook, maybe it's time to take a walk in the park. It's unseasonably warm right now. It'll be nice.