Hand Dance - Liquid Diet

Here's a friendly public service announcement from your friend Liquid Diet. The safest sex is abstinence. Besides, who needs a date when you got two hands?

Little Wings - Mark Gormley

I can't help but to love this guy. He's really putting himself out there. I only wish he put more into his song than a single two bar riff. Why not try slipping a chorus in there in between each verse? It's all the craze! But never mind. You're doin' your own thing. At least this song wasn't nearly as creepy as "Without You".

Rick Roll, Manualist Style

What a world we live in, isn't it? I looked it up: "Manualism - the little-known art of playing music by squeezing air through the hands." And how great is this? Manualist.com

It would be so easy to rag on the guy and make some kind of masturbation joke, but no. If you think about it, what you're experiencing here is the cornerstone of America. No, not fart noises - not entirely at least - but rather, this guy found the one thing he's good at, and no matter how stupid that thing may be, he kept working at it until he became the best manualist he could possibly be. Kudos my friend and God bless this great nation!

Adolf Hitler - Ray Sipe.Lady GaGa.

I have no idea what's going on here, but I gather it has something to do with those idiot parents who named their kid Adolf Hitler. And I agree the Lady Gaga stuff is a great touch. I would even add if anyone could bring back the Hitler mustache it'll be this guy. Not too sure about his hat though.


By YouTube User nathanjbarnatt

Mustard Tiger got the right idea. I know how hard it can be being #1. People who's number not have a hard time with this fact and choose to ignore just how much better I am than the are. It has become obvious people won't figure it out on their own so it's only wise to make a choice video to inform them. Kudos my man! Kudos!