Amala - Davido Hkn

This earbleed was submitted by my loving, supportive wife.

At first it appears to be a simple video of a guy dancing to his favorite Chris Brown song. Close! We all know YouTube is full of videos exactly like that but if you pay closer attention you'll find under all the auto-tune and echo effects you'll hear an African voice supplying his own lyric sheet. I can't hardly understand anything beyond that he likes using his computer and eat...stew, I think. If anyone can understand him enough to supply a transcript I would greatly appreciate it. 

Underwater Pussy Party - GayBeatles

I have no clue what's going on here but I love every bit of it. Sounds like good fun to me. Why he didn't plug his guitar into anything, now that's crazy!

Dance Bitch Dance - Mark Castle

Mark Castle, if you haven't come across him yet, can be best described as a wildcard. Everything he produces, usually rave-style dance mixes, is so terrible and faux-shocking the natural response is to look away. He's a wildcard because from time to time he pops up out of nowhere.

I'm on My Cell Phone - Nicky Click

Yes, she's on her cell phone. That tidbit of information she made blatantly clear. Yet I still don't give a f--k. As long as she stays in her size 18 negligee and out of her car while on her cell phone I really couldn't give a damn. Oh, and keep in mind that, yes, your service provider will block harassing numbers when requested; although AT&T will surely mess it up.

Guy covers Come Sail Away by Styx

By Ollie Byrd

This gives me a thought: Styx would sound much better if they had a Scandinavian accent. On that thought, imagine viking metal covers of their music. Don't know about you but I'd listen to that....before the originals at least.