Rifle Burs - gmcfosho

At first glance I was guessing the state drawn on his back was of Maine but at closer inspection it looks to be Michigan. And by the looks of this particular motley crew my best guess is they're not from the Detroit part of Michigan, but rather, the part of Michigan where he's the only black guy within a 50 mile radius. And lastly, going on an assumption, they got in a lot of trouble for making such a mess of their parent's basement.

I just woke up so I could simply be stating the obvious. Damn it that we're out of coffee....

The Elements of Style - Jake Heller

Working along side many journalists and fellow geeks myself I can greatly appreciate what's going on here. The only quarrel I have is how the production value tells me this rap video was done as part of a class project. History has shown that class projects, even those in University, rarely turn out well. Love the dramatic Geraldo mustaches and the use of 40's though. Nice touch. Hope you guys got an 'A'!

Christmas Swag

Yeah bitches! If you not gettin' yo C-Mas tree up n' plastered with bling or frosted yo windows n' shit you gotta quit clowin' an represent da halla-day!

Famous Actor - Meadow

Oh I love all that the Internet affords us. Back when I was this kid's age I took in all that I've seen from TV but had no worldwide outlet to express what I sucked in. To fully appreciate what's going on here, you've got to visit his YouTube page, but for the sake of this posting I'll share four of his most epic songs. This one obviously is first because it shows his two-dimensional thought processes. He obviously sketched together endless lines in a notebook during math class, found some generic beats online, stitched it together using something like Audacity, then used his PC's internal mic to rap his cheesy rhymes and forced expletives.

I love that he wants to be an actor. Obviously rapping isn't his thing so let's see what he can do. 
That guy with a lisp in the red shirt was great. Like to see more of him.