T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) - will.i.am

You can say what you want about will.i.am; being subtle with the ol' double entendres isn't one of them. Throughout the video I was given the impression he really wants to bone JLo. Then Mick Jagger got in on the scene like something from 2000 Space Odyssey and now at best it looks like he's lookin' for a celebrity three-way. What a great image in my head right before bedtime. Another nightmare-filled sleep for me!

The King That Never Was - Alternate Reality

Someone commented to this video, "When guidos discover power metal." Quite an astute observation. Any attempted to making King Arthur metal can be difficult. These days it rings too much like something from World of Warcraft.

Mama Economy - Tay Zonday (The Chocolate Rain Guy)

Yeah, I don't know about all that. Like for one, income hasn't increased in the last 30 to 40 years? I'd like to see where he got that data. Like what is a "living wage" defied as in terms of dollars and cents? It's so subjective to one's location and style of living there's no real answer. But whatever, one is open to their own opinions and view of the economy. Mine is that the the biggest mistake our country made in respect to our economic system is going off the gold standard. That and whenever you mix socialism with capitalism, both fail.

Fok Julle Naaiers - Die Antwoord

Turns out Interscope Records dropped Die Antwoord because they refused to become more "Mid-America friendly". Please, asking Die Antwoord to tone it down a bit is like asking Gloria Allred to conduct her law practice more ethically; you'd get the opposite response.

Case in point, this little single, which translated means Fuck You All. To me it sounds like the anthem for every mentally disturbed, Columbine-prone kid who ever been picked on in high school. And yes, the video is very disturbing and pretty racist near the end.