Snoppen och snippan (Willy & Fanny) - Bacillakuten på Barnkanalen

This video was made for the program Bacillakuten on Swedish Public Service as a kind of physical education, educating young children the difference between boys and girls. A cartoon wang flopping back and forth and a fanny bopping to the point it appears to dilate, no shocker it didn't go over too well with Swedish parents. 

On a side note: What guy at some point of his life didn't dress up his little buddy in headgear of some sort?
 Don't personally have any memory of doing any such thing but surely it's something I've done as a weird little kid.

But I digress...

It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do - Vennu Mallesh

Best line of the song: “I’m a very good bad boy.

He would have been well enough leaving it at that, but no, he had to tear off onto a tangent with lyrics like, “I am a brain eater” “I am a smart cheater” “I am a new sencer” whatever the hell that means and “I am a kids lover”.

Loving children doesn't always point to pedo material but mixed in with other rather odd, practically nonsensical phrases it causes one to be at least a little subjective. Let's continue on: Eventually the girl, who appears only to be involved out of love and/or fear, asks what he’s trying to convey. He answers, “Just leave everyone. Believe only one. If you don’t like one, live alone.” Okay, that’s not exactly the most sociable answer in the world. There is a fine line between an individualist and an antisocial hermit. Personally I'm guessing the latter, brought on from a history of voices of concern by family members and hired and/or state-provided professionals.

And almost like he wanted to accent an air of psychopathy, he ends with the somber words of, "Don’t believe me; I’m a true liar." In all actuality is about as good as his very good bad boy line; it's a logical liar paradox, like "This statement is false" or  to quote Henry Rollins, "I’ll lie again and again and keep lying. I promise."

Hangover - Psy feat. Snoop Dogg

I had to sit this one out for a bit. At the epic scale of its horridness, it took me this long to even muster the energy to comprehend its existence. This is North Korea level of bad.... Surely I'm not the only who's made the Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un parallel. 

In case you're too young to remember, Snoop Dogg use to be a respectable west-coast rapper back in 90's. Who knew the guy that 20 years earlier was hanging out with the grandfather of funk, sippin' on gin and juice would end up throwin' back soju​ with a Korean ass puppet?

Poo Party -, Unicef Campaign

Things like this reminds me on how I won the lottery of life; I entered life in a clean hospital, washed and wrapped in fresh linens and was driven home to a house with an operational toilet and running water. Didn't have cable though.... That's a real hardship *sarcasm*.

I understand what unicef is trying to do and I agree with the importance of their mission but perhaps using a dancing, lively poop emoticon could send the wrong message, if not flat out undercut their entire mission. How much do I have to donate to get a pooh plush? I'm sure I don't have to point out advertising to the youth to poop in a toilet, like some contemporary PSA, regardless the country, is beyond odd. Their methodology really is not good at all; I shouldn't be laughing my ass off on what in reality is a serious problem affecting millions of lives in a very negative way. Who exactly is their intended audience? And what's with the pledge? I'm left with the feeling they're throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks. 
(This is the second time in the last three earbleeds I used the shit wall expression. It really fits on this one, I'm sure we can all agree.)