¿Y si Hacemos Un muñeco? Frozen Paraody

Via our International DJ, Merna, "Even if this is a parody that doesn't justify being out of key and out of tone. In case you're wondering what he's singing about, he/she is telling his/her "brother" if he wants to film a video with him/her, to which he refuses and leads her to call her friends. Not to mention that it is completely unfunny and painful to hear."

Don't forget completely painful to watch as well. He says it's meant as a cute little parody. It looks more to be an excuse to dress up like a girl. Nothing necessarily wrong with that within itself; just be honest about it, bud.

Hope you have/are having/had a great birthday, Mer!

Take U Shopping - Ur Boy Bangs

Bangs is a rapper with a different concept: rather than objectifying and demeaning women, he decided to rap things girls would want to hear. Sounds like a great idea but it really isn't. If you ever had the misfortune of watching a guy try to pick up a woman, you know what I'm talking about. It's painful to watch not only because it's an awkward display but also because we're reminded that we're all equally as pitiful in that situation. 

Perhaps someone with greater talent will be able to pull it off. But still, naah, that's what R&B is for.

Jako já (Kara- Step) - Dominika Myslivcová

Here's another find by our International DJ, Merna.

If you're looking for pedophile bait, here you go! Oh, so many people will be so thrilled to fake outrage over this video. I'm tempted to send FoxNews a link right now. They love getting outraged over shit like this. Yeah it's creepy but at least they didn't reenact the Britney Spears twat shot. That's right, I'm Mr. Positive!

We really don't know much about who this girl is or why she become famous. All I have to go on is her facebook page and other social networking sites, which all are entirely in Czech. It appears she organizes a pre-teen beauty pageant/contest she calls, "Miss Barbie". The whole Barbie thing appears to be a central theme. She even made a very bland Czech version of Aqua's Barbie Girl. She also has a website where she's selling products, all pink, many of which with her little icon or a photo of her in a pink dress I mistakenly thought was a towel, holding her stereotypical toy puppy.

Jews Can't Stop - Pro-Jewish Settler parody video

If the Palestinians didn't hate them enough already...

I'm no expert on mid-eastern or Israeli politics but I assume parodying a Miley Cyrus song about partying and taking on many of her mannerisms (e.g. poll dancing, grinding heavy machinery and licking rocks) isn't going to ease tension between the settlers and, well, anyone. Seems to send the wrong message.

Even beyond that, she started out badly on the lyric front: 

Bare land and Jewish bodies everywhere
Rockets through the air but who cares?

I may be missing context somewhere but isn't an ocean of dead and fiery balls of death something to be concerned about? Obviously very little thought went into the making of this song. In other words, looks like we found Israel's Miley.

E.T - Donny Varper

Another glorious find by our International D.J. Mer De Homem-Christo. When you mix Ancient Astronaut theology, cookie cutter pop and a guy who looks like a 45-year-old teenage girl, you know you've got a winning recipe.

I think Mer's background and description of this video said it best: