My Boobs Are OK - Lene Alexandra (a.k.a. Miss Boobs)

Yeah boobs are nice but I have the feeling she's far more in love with her boobs than any man could ever be. Also it's important to remember large breasts won't stay perky nearly as long and the fake ones will look creepier and creepier with ever passing year. So, sure, they may be "okay" now but let's have this discussion again in 15 to 20 years. An alligator-skin'd bowling ball bag comes to mind.

Thanks to Mer De Homem-Christo, who I pretty well consider our International DJ, for finding this earbleed.

The Fox - Ylvis

What's a fox say? A question easily answered after five seconds on google. That's really besides the point. My question is where is this forest full of furies? The Big Dipper also knows where to find it. Talk about a mystical forest I would greatly fear to happen on a dark, full moon-lit night.

In Canada - BJ Snowden

Canada is great so I understand her patriotism and they have a lot going for them. Some of the world's best comedians came from Canada. Plus Kids in the Hall, Trailer Park Boys....can't hardly get better than that. I even come to understand they brew a good beer.

Music however, I can't help but to think up there, at least back in the 80's, this was considered good. I mean, Helix, Alanis Morissette, Céline Dion, Justin Bieber, freakin' Nickelback.... Outside of Rush, I can't think of a good Canadian band. There's nearly 34.5 million people in Canada so surely they had to produce something worth listening to. I would love to hear some suggestions.

Gentleman - Psy

If South Korea wants us to protect them from their northern nut job neighbors, they sure have a funny way to show it.