Ironbound - Einherjer

The old-school metal-head in me finds this pretty awesome. Especially after reading the description of this band as "Viking Metal". That within itself is pure awesome!

But anyway, by metal standards this is pretty asinine and simplistic. Also the Korn-style growl lyrics has become old and over done. However, I'd love to see more done with the "Viking Metal" style. I find it an awesome idea. Maybe Sigur Rós can give it a try: for sure their style of pop isn't working out.

Lightning Strikes - Klaus Nomi

Klaus Nomi may look like a Hitler robot on one of his heroin trips but he was actually a brilliant opera singer. He had an incredible range spanning at least three to four octaves: full tenor and even baritone range, possibly more.

But Nomi has one weakness: selection. I can forgive his M.O. If you can sing as good as him you can be as strange as you wish. What I have a problem with is two things: 1. opera and pop doesn't mix. and 2. via the old expression: JIJO (junk in junk out), no matter how well you perform, if you try remaking a bad song, it's still going to be bad. It's like putting a murderer in a suit; he's still a murderer.

Sometimes people make a war - Speak

Its stuff like this that starts wars. Wasn't that how first World War started? Some Hungarian rapper killed Archduke Franz Ferdinard by telling him repetitively how nice Siberia was that time of year? That may not be completely correct. Stupid public schools!

I Wanna Love You Tender

The Swedes shouldn't be allowed to wright music. But then again, if there were barred, that'll be much less material for this website.

I'm finding it hard to get information about this band. There's a good chance they're Finnish. Does it, however, really matter?

Russia's Answer to N'Sync

Steklovata - Novi god

This has to be the most awkward thing I've seen since the What What (in the butt) or Look Mom! I made a Music Video! In other words: Pure gold!

A person commented, "still better than justin bieber..." Yeah, I have to give them that. They may have made their music video in the Russian equivalent of a mall and bought their clothing at the Russian equivalent of J.C. Penny but I have to agree that this isn't as bad as Justin Bieber.

What has to be the best quote is from their Wikipedia page: "How is culture if the Communist Party Red gets to decide? Probably something close to this."