Százszor ölelj - NOX

According to Google, "Százszor ölelj" is Hungarian for "Embrace a hundred times". Given the video I was guessing this song was about something multicultural, but instead, it's a love song.

I actually found a Metal version of this song first and, as to be expected, it's even worse than the original. You've got to check it out. Yeah, it's an earbleed that keeps on giving.

Jersey Shore? Enrique Inglesias? Who broke the toilet?!?!

I'm starting to see a pattern in about every earbleed I posted from 2010. Take this one for example...

Was anything advertised? Yep, the television show Jersey Shore.
Was there a randomly placed rap break? Check! We even threw some Spanish in there to seem multicultural.
Anything ripped off, preferably from someone just as untalented as us? Yep, the beat and rhythm was taken from Lady Gaga's Telephone.

K, put in some other asinine thing so you can call the entire song/video your idea and "new". No problem! Even though the entire song is synthesized, why don't we act like we're playing musical instruments? Yeah! Perfect! Great job, print it!

Perfume Japanese thing

Girl "unnatural" - Perfume

The Japanese isn't doing any better with music than we are in this country -they're overusing auto-tune just like us- but it is terribly cute!

"Perfume Japanese thing" is what I had in my notes. Seems like an appropriate title.

The Ketchup Song

Aserejé - Las Ketchup

Yeah, they're hot and for that I almost enjoyed watching the video but that doesn't help the fact I feared this song was never going to end. Come on! Give us something as simple as a key change, for crying out loud! And the dance: a regurgitated, less inspiring version of the Macarena? Who were you trying to fool with that?