Everyday I'm drinking - Little Big

I'm fairly sure was made by a comedy troop but who can pass up a line like, "No Future, no rich; this is Russia bitch!"?

Submitted by Scott

Happy Easter!!!

 Everyone Is Jesus - Di Leva

We don't really know what Jesus looks like. People debate if he was black, white, brown or whatever. Who really cares? It makes no difference. Nonetheless I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't look like an androgynous Sara Gilbert impersonator in multiple bright-colored robes. Suppose it's a better look for Di Leva than a ginger with a Peter Pan complex. Referencing previous posting

Happy Star - Di Leva

I may simply not understand the whole New Age thing but this is terrifying; it resembles everything parents warn their children about. I mean  yeah, happy is great. I enjoy it. I just can't help but wonder if it's possible for someone's happiness to become so intense, so beyond manic, it turns psychotic or sociopathic. That could explain every cult ever.

I Not Bitch, I Wanna Be Rich - Nicky

It's self-evident Nicky hasn't know English for very long. It's quite obvious, however, she's already learned the term, "Gold digger".

Did she say, "I have big tits and I like phony dicks"? I know earlier she said, "and get old rich boy to happy end". "Don't wanna work I wanna eat pork" was a good line too. And given the chorus I'm forced to believe the name of this song is, "I not bitch, I wanna be rich."  Can't understand much of anything else...something about Obama maybe...We really need a lyric sheet. 

Lovesick - Boy Banned

Think this is the most awkward boy band I've seen since Steklovata. If the Mormon church commissioned a boy band I would suspect this is about what we'd get.

According to Boy Banned's facebook page they're no longer together. Turns out a couple of the guys decided to start their own solo career. Suppose the other two are perfectly happy collecting stamps, knitting and taking long walks on the beach. Seriously, they put that as their interests. It's cool if that's something they enjoy but why share that on their facebook page?