Rágógumi - Zsófi

I'm sure you've figured it out by now. Rágógumi is Hungarian for bubblegum. It's amazing. No matter how terrible this happens to be, it's not as bad as the original. Between these two videos it's become painfully clear both of these songs are about an oral fixation. The double entendre, especially in this video, is unmistakable but take from that as you wish.

Pretty Girls Can't Sing

Singing Show Me Your Love by Ukrainian pop-star Tina Karol

I have the feeling this isn't a talent show but rather a beauty pageant. I've been to enough beauty pageants to know fully well how no one wants to tell the pretty girl she can't sing. No matter how sexist it may sound, sometimes the only talent some pretty girls have is being pretty....and, well, let's not get into how else they may excel. Let's just say there's a town in California ripe full of these girls, many of which with daddy abandonment issues.

Idemo u Hollywood - Sandra Dabo

Who's mom has been let out of the mental institution? One can always tell when a woman is reaching outside her element by, among other things, how frequently she uses duck face. Combined with a way too low cut white blouse with a black bra underneath, this is a real horror show. Damn this guy encouraging her on.

On a side note, what kind of mental public access show has a painting of a shirtless guy sporting a powerful mullet in the background? WTF is going on here?

Si Tú Ya No Me Quieres - La Tigresa Del Oriente

It can be easy for someone to criticize music from another culture because it can sound unusual to the domestic ear. Then you're presented with something like this. You don't have to be well adept in the field of diversity to see this how badly this sucks. I mean, stuff like El Sonidito and Chacarron also sucked but at least they were entertaining. This is just painful! Also, this video shows how traveling to third-world countries for plastic surgery on the cheap is never a good idea.

Su le mani - Johnny Sizo

Everyone's heard of Spanglish, I'm sure. There's something like that in every language. Most people who mix their native tongue with English usually are fluent in both languages but it's not always the case. I mean, "Sex sex every night and day. Corned beef." and "You, you don't dance like Scooby Doo" in Italian may mean something that doesn't translate very well.

That gives me a great idea: Bad translations. Anyone bilingual could tell you that giving strict translations doesn't often work out well. Someone could do that with songs that were written in other languages. It'll be like Bad lip readings.