Chewing Gum - Paradise Iselin

If you're not from Norway you may be asking who's Iselin Michelsen (a.k.a. Paradise Iselin)? She's quite literally the Scandinavian Snooki. She obviously isn't a supermodel; I was guessing she's either a pornstar or reality TV personality. It's sad. I'm getting too good at guessing the source of tarts' fame. If only I could make a few extra bucks with this useless talent.

S.A.G.A.P.O. - Mixalis Rakintzis

This song was a Eurovision entry in 2002. Usually when I see anything that has anything to do with Eurovision I try to ignore it but from time to time one slips through the filter that's so amazingly bad it'll be wrong of me to ignore. It'll also be wrong of me to ignore how much the leading man looks like Mick Jagger's bastard child.

Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Teló

Douche chills, anyone? I will never understand teenage girls. Not to say they're convoluted or anything. I just never cared to understand; they're too annoying to spend more than 10 seconds around them. Anyone who ever had to spend an entire day in a car full of teenage girls will understand exactly what I'm trying to say: If they had the ability to shut up they would have far better personalities....but of course I'm generalizing.

This video clearly demonstrates that no matter the land or culture teenage girls will always listen to the most god awful music as long as the person singing is a manicured metrosexual tool. Observing pop-culture in other parts of the world really clarifies things. It really explains Justin Bieber to a T, doesn't it?

Oh Boy - Shardinay

Surely we've all been stuck in a situation where we were forced to hear drama between a woman and her boyfriend. This woman went so far as to make a song out of her spat. I'm starting to believe there's actually people who enjoy airing their dirty laundry out in public just so we are forced to hear; as a form of attention, like they think we want to hear. I bet you if my theory is correct, most of these women have a name like "Shardinay" or some other pseudo-cultural egocentric name ripe for parody.

New Bibi Hendl 2011 - Takeo Ischi

I love nothing more than randomness and a Bavarian man of Asian descent yodeling like a chicken to a Euro-pop beat is a wonderful example. We've experienced some very strange stuff that came from the Orient here on Most recently, Poetic Assassin and Nice Peace, along with this ear sore, an unusual energy drink commercial, a Lady Gaga cover, that bazaar yet considerably talented Korean cross dressing bass player, Pamyupamyu and this absolute disaster along a few others.

Of course this video is tame in comparison to many other things I've found over the years. It's actually pretty sweet, in a "this guy sure is having fun" kind of way. Naturally he reminds me of the Chicken Fiddler. One can only imagine how cute of couple they would make. I would wager, however, chickens would pick them to death in their sleep.