Guerrero - Rebolledo

Back before auto-tune was destroying music, we had Casio keyboards. 

I've held onto this one for a while because it renders me nearly speechless. It's like a music video by Jack Black if he was Spanish and found his height of popularity in 1987. The end has to be my favorite part. His friends all gather behind him and start doing his almost sporadic, half-hearted fist pump with him. If only pizza had that much cheese. 

I've seen a lot of bad videos for bad songs where the subject was visibly uncomfortable and very awkward throughout the entire video. This is yet another one.

He Drinks Tequila - Crystal Swing

These guys are living the dream. I know we've all at some point talk about going on tour, singing bad honky-tonk with our sister while our mother backs us up on keyboard, but who among us ever followed through with that dream? But seriously, I want these guys to play at our reception if/when my wife and I decide to renew our vows. 

My Ass - Linni Meister

I don't really know anything about Linni, but if this video is any indication I would guess she's Norway's Snooki. It'll make sense a Scandinavian Snooki would be sexier than the original........not that's saying much.

The Satan Of Hell - The Black Satans

According to their facebook page, The Black Satans "is true Norwegian black metal from Finland" who "sold their souls to Timo Tolkki in order to get this piece of shit done." To me, they appear to be a less unique, less talented black metal version of Green Jellÿ. Whatever the case may be, they're sure fun to watch.

We Like Pizza - Pizza Kids

Most everyone likes pizza but that's no reason to make a cheesy dance mix out of it. Especially a song that sounds suspiciously like Aqua's Barbie Girl. I don't know how it is in Germany but if a group of kids call themselves the "Pizza Kids" here in the US, the odds are they'll be subject to childhood obesity.