Not-So Amazing Grace (How Sweet the Sound)


This has been out for a good while, but it's a classic fail.

I too love Jesus, but if you're going to sing in your testimonial, it may be in everyone's best interest to know most of the words. Even if you don't, I'm pretty sure most every church still has hymn books on the back of the pues. This tests God's wonderful grace a little too much, don't you think?

Simply the Worst!


If she was dead, Tina Turner would be spinning in her grave. By the way, did you know that Tina Turner is 70?!?! I had no idea, God bless her!

If these poor kids all had some kind of mental disability I wouldn't be posting this but something tells me it isn't that simple. According to the video description, they're Dutch. Apparently if sang very badly, the Dutch accent sounds like an extra chromosome.

Obama Girl - Crush On Obama


No matter if you like Obama or see him as the D.C. version of Coldplay, I think we can all agree this illustrates how, well, this ain't your father's politics!

It also doesn't matter if you agree with the right, how this surely was a cunning publicity campaign put forth by the Obama camp or with the left, this shows the kind of grass-roots inspiration he has on this generation: if you're pretty, have big boobs and are willing to show them, you'll be a success on YouTube.

And with an inspiring chorus like this:

I cannot wait, 'til 2008
Baby you’re the best candidate
I like it when you get hard
On Hillary in debate
Why don't you pick up your phone?
'Cause I've got a crush on Obama
I cannot wait, 'til 2008
Baby you’re the best candidate
Of the new oval office
You’ll get your head of state
I can’t leave you alone
‘Cause I’ve got a crush on Obama

Sure! Why wouldn't she get all that attention!

Fry That Chicken - Ms. Peachez

Okay, okay, stereotypes aside, this has to be one of the most awesome things I've ever found on the net.

But really, if you're racially sensitive, this should bug the crap out of you almost as much as Ludacris

Justin Bieber - Baby


Who is this little crib-wetter and why should I give a f%@k? Also, does the hip-hop break make him "hardcore" or does it just make Ludacris look like a complete tool?