The Funky Fresh Senior Choir

There needs to be someone to kill songs that lived long after they've become stale. The Funky Fresh Senior Choir (ironic name on so many levels) is perfect to facilitate this need. Evidently this group is no longer together, at least their website is no longer valid. It's a shame, really. It would be nice to know a little more about this group; why their leader felt this was a good idea, where they're from and, most of all, so they can continue to kill terrible songs.

And come on, surely I'm not the only one who would like to see them attempt the Gangnam Style dance. May end in a few broken hips and shattered knees and elbows but it'd be funny there for a while.

Spartan High School Styl Gangnam Style Parody

Gangnam Style is perhaps the worst thing that has come out of 2012. Not because of the absurdity of the song (and dance) itself, but rather, for all the hatchet jobs by little pissants with less than no talent and untold amount of time. I easily could create an entire category covering horrid covers but it would fill up so quickly everything else will be lost among that distortion...which is why I hold sharing remakes/parodies in strict reserve.

I will never, ever understand the popularity of Psy and his stupid song. What is clear, however, high school students -with their embarrassing chroma key skills, not to mention their nonexistent concept of audio production and what a beat is.....hell, they can't even manage to properly cut and queue a sample- need to be kept away from video and audio editing software, or for the very least, YouTube. Having the access to modern technology doesn't mean everyone needs to use it. Like my mother said on many occasions when my siblings and I were younger, "this is why we can't have nice things!"

Party @ Ur House - Thamys

I suspect this girl watched Double Take's videos and said, "I can do that!" Well, somehow she managed to suck more than pun intended. She doesn't even know how to work auto-tune correctly. Even if you suck at singing, while under auto-tune you still have to try using some kind of a tone. Spoken word doesn't auto-tune so well.

I don't know anything about this girl but I don't think we've seen the last of her. At least I hope not. There's so much going on here I'm at a loss.

Stupid Stupid - Alex Day

Not everyone enjoys spending time with their extended family but why make a Christmas song calling everyone in one's family stupid? The only family who could possibly consider this as some kind of affection would be Honey Boo Boo's and even then it could still result with a well understandable wallop to the side of the head.

On a side note, why does this kid remind me of Rick from The Young Ones? Maybe it's the way he says "stupid".

Christmas - Froggy Fresh

Krispy Kreme Froggy Fresh!!!

Okay, so he started the whole thing out rhyming figure with figure, I still say this'll prove to be the the best Christmas song all year. I couldn't help but to think he would have a new bike somewhere on his list since his was stolen.

MC Froggy Fresh, I'm a fan but WTF is with you and John Cena? Seriously. It borders on disturbing. And yeah, Money Maker Mike, those are some sick kicks. Rockin' em' old school.

It's Thanksgiving - Nicole Westbrook

Patrice Wilson at the Ark Music Factory is at it again. After the backlash from the horrible song writing of Rebecca Black's "Friday" one would think they would put a little more effort in their songs. But no, in fact they took the sudo-educational lyrical style (e.g. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards) and put it right in the sub-chorus: "December was Christmas, January was New Year, April was Easter and the forth of July. Now it's Thanksgiving!"
They did mix it up a bit this time. Rather than Patrice himself doing the rap break, he left the liberty to Nicole. Frankly, I don't know which is worse.
To be fair I have to say, at least after the nasal vocal stylings of Rebecca Black, Nicole has a decent voice. I can't say she's right for solo work; She has the kind of voice that would sit nicely in a Christmas children's choir at your local Methodist Church. It's hard to say for sure though: This is AMF after all thus her voice is hidden in a deep glossing of auto tune. And perhaps it's all a relative kind of thing.

Wilder - Gnesa

It's been a rather long and monotonous week and how better to prepare for a better week than with a good laugh?

I always find it humorous when the vocal track is blended into the instrumental accompaniment in the vain attempt to make the song sound less bad. Whatever sounds great to one's own ears while scraping the virtually endless layers of makeup off one's face in the shower, when sang into a microphone, well, microphones don't lie.....which is why they become manipulated.

It's fairly unclear who Gnesa is. She showed up as randomly as the little girl everyone is comparing her to. According to her facebook page (not fan page, mind you) she's a professional singer-songwriter living in New York City. You know what they say: If you can't make it there, give it a go on the Internet.

I Just Want to Ride Bikes With YOU

Ride Bikes

There was a time when wedding pictures never left the wedding album and videos stayed on VHS. I'm sure they're a lovely couple and she seems like a very loving person who's full of joy and life. All this is good and I'm happy for them but why must everyone engage in public displays of affection by putting such nonsense on youtube?

According to the original video description:

"This surprise wedding music video was created for my husband 
Todd Evan Krieger in Venice Beach, California and unveiled for
him at our wedding reception in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Other shots shown are in Malibu, Laguna Beach, Tahoe, Ixtapa,
Burning Man, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Topanga
Canyon, Taos, Vancouver, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands.

I'd like to give a major shout out to Panos Stoumpos whom hit
the pavement with me capturing shots; he's a creative rock star.
Steve McCormick is super talented and was uber helpful in the
studio when recording, and John David Heeg buttoned everything
up with his rad editing skills.

Hats off to our beautiful cat Balka...and of course my amazing
husband Todd whose love inspired this video!!!
Everything's okay-o when I'm with Tadeo."

Well, that's all fine and nice but it would be ​naive of me to believe she didn't also create this video -and later shared on youtube- to shove her happiness in the noeses of those around her who perhaps isn't as lucky as she perceives herself. It may sound mean, but no, that's simple human nature we're all guilty of from time to time......if/when we're lucky......otherwise why else would anyone use facebook?

Hammer - Keedy Black

Thought this sounded pretty familiar and then I realized it's made by the same guy who came up with Wal-Mart. Oh yeah, don't know what Bonose TV is, but whoever is running it loves the twerk and mind-numbing repetition. Obviously they know what sells!