Like A Princess - Double Take

About a month after these two twits released Hot Problems, they came out with this mistake. It took me four months before I realized they did another song. The reason is obvious: this song wasn't buzzing because no one cares. At the time of posting this entry, Hot Problems has a little over 15.4 million hits whereas this video only has just under 130 thousand. That must be killing them. Obviously they wanted to reach a Rebecca Black style of fame. The only problem is, even though Rebecca Black is terrible, she's not an egotistical little twat. There's no target demographic for that.

Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell - Das Racist

People expect greatness like stuff from the Beatles or the Who but in reality, this is exactly the kind of stuff you get when writing at 4:20.

Besides that, the combination Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, the Taco Bell/KFC, etc. is a fine example why this country is so awesome. And yes, I know they have them in other countries......and you're welcome.

We're NASA and We Know It - LMFAO Sexy and I Know It Parody

People, enough! Who actually still believes doing a parody of an LMFAO song is a good idea? I suppose they're the same people who feel the need to join a flash mob or purpose to his girlfriend in front of a large crowd. Yeah, NASA is cool but come on man, you're being a stupid hack! Didn't it seem a bit easy to find the instrumental version of that track? I know you thought that surely a bikini-clad chick as the dancing robot was a great idea..... I get it..... It's a little better than the original...... But it's still terrible.

My Aura - Rhett Ocean

I've suspected so much with his video, "Sup" when he went by the name Mason Kay Oman and I'm now convinced this kid is a troll. Do a simple google video search and you'll find every video he has made (which he's since set to private or flat out removed), he put his iPhone right up to his mouth like a complete tool, he's wearing that nasty red robe and I can only imagine how terrible his songs were.

He uploaded this video to a new account going by the name Rhett Ocean (if that's his real name *sarcasm*). Thanks, by the way, to Francis for sharing this with me on facebook.

Young Juggalo Making a Fool of Himself.

Yet another example why kids shouldn't own smart phones.

Juggalos say that no one understands them and that's why they became Juggalos. I sure as hell can understand that; they obviously didn't become Juggalos for all the wonderful music. 

Tosh.o gave this 14 year-old boy who's evidently lost and alone, even though he still lives with his parents, a web redemption a few days back where he was able to meet Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope personally to do a, well, do what they're known to do. If you haven't seen it, you're not required to watch; it's exactly what you'd expect. Although I really wish they snuck in something about magnets.

Stolen Bikes - Froggy Fresh

Krispy Kreme Froggy Fresh and Money Maker Mike is like the Olive Garden: they're absolutely terrible but I don't care, still love it! Mixing in his unbelievably cheesy rhymes with the whole Beastie Boy's Sabotage theme, it just made it perfect. Keep it up, guys! Before you know it you'll be writing songs about stolen cars. You can make a series out of it!

If you missed it, be sure to check out The Baddest.

Nazi Satanic Elite - Duria Sadyr

Question: Is it wrong to make fun of a paraplegic even if he's a devil worshiping Nazi? I've been holding onto this song made by a total failure of a human life for a while because I was trying to figure out that very question.... then eventually completely forgot about it.

I really don't believe anyone would think ill of me when I say if anyone should be stricken with losing the use of his legs, it would be an idiot like this guy. I mean, hell, I'm pretty damn sure there's some mental retardation stuck in the mix as well. And who knows, maybe he's half retarded and stuck in a wheel chair because he's a satanic Nazi who pissed off the wrong guys.

Sup - Mason Kay Oman

Yet another example for why teenagers shouldn't have iPhones. At most this could be considered pedo candy, for the very least it's absurdly disturbing. We're learning a lot about what isn't sexy today: a zit covered awkward boy in his jammies and fluffy robe ≠ sexy. So yes, we could have done without the panning crotch shots.

I'm Hot - Pinkyxxx

Dyeing your hair pink doesn't make a woman Rihanna. Last time I checked Rihanna doesn't have a huge gap in her teeth, mounds of cellulite and an extra 40 lbs of fat *primarily located in the ass*. On top of that, if that wasn't unfortunate enough, her voice.....she makes Rihanna sound like Whitney Houston.