Six Pack - Gifted But Twisted

Oh man I'm amazed how deeply this pile of crap buries the needle on the ol' douche-o-meter. There is nothing more annoying than a pencil-neck geek with way more ego than ability. Guess that's what we get babying our children, telling them they're special even if all they do is sit around playing XBox and masturbating. *Not to say that's a bad way to spend a Tuesday*

I've Been Dead - Kepstar

I've been sent the same exact message with this video attached to my youtube inbox at least five times in the past week. Okay, I've seen it! It's stupid! Now, leave me alone!

Weed and a GED

The only reason I decided to share this video is because I strongly believe we've found how prog rock was conceived: some dude stoned out of his mind, depressed in a dark room all alone with an acoustic guitar. Who knows, when not completely stoned out of his mind, he could be the next Alex Lifeson.

OKC Thunder Clap - Kabir Lyengar

Living in Oklahoma among all these OKC Thunder fans has been pretty entertaining these last few weeks. It seems like every other car has something Thunder plastered all over it. A person at work, every game night, will wear her Thunder t-shirt and hat religiously and she's not the only one. And God forbid any work gets done during game play.

I know nothing about basketball. Everything he was talking about in this video, I'm clueless. What I do know is lately the more OKC Thunder has been losing, the less and less flags and t-shirts I've been seeing. A merchant who set up a stand at a closed gas station near my house for over a week isn't there today. It's sad how so many people can so easily jump on and off a bandwagon. If I gave a damn I would be pretty pissed about that.

This guy has been spamming many people I know, asking them to promote his song. You have to admire his tenacity; self-promotion is a true art form in which only a special few manage to truly excel......and a skill I personally suck at. It surely would have gone viral if it wasn't such a lame rap. Who know's, maybe he'll get some kind of Rebecca Black attention. That's the thing: generally speaking if you want to promote something, first it has to be worth promoting. But, even with a bar set so f--king low these days, there is plenty of proof suggesting that, no, it can be a steaming pile of crap and still be wildly popular. With that in mind, God's speed Kabir! God's speed!

No More Tears to Cry - R.A.E.D.

R.A.E.D. has already blessed us with many examples of his virtually random and unintelligible rap styling and in this video he's also blessed us with his wonderful acting skills. I can encourage a person to work on their craft but one would think after a while he'd actually learn something. I suppose there's no where to go when you've already reached the peak of your ability.

Pretty Girls Can't Sing

Singing Show Me Your Love by Ukrainian pop-star Tina Karol

I have the feeling this isn't a talent show but rather a beauty pageant. I've been to enough beauty pageants to know fully well how no one wants to tell the pretty girl she can't sing. No matter how sexist it may sound, sometimes the only talent some pretty girls have is being pretty....and, well, let's not get into how else they may excel. Let's just say there's a town in California ripe full of these girls, many of which with daddy abandonment issues.

Don't Smoke My Blunt Bitch - L$D

Think this is the most pathetic poser video I've ever seen, so naturally Kreayshawn is involved. It's almost like they're not sure what image they wish to imitate, hip-hop, 90's grunge or gangsta rap, 80's mullet, Trans-Am culture or who knows what else. Just as long as pot is involved in that image, they don't seem to care. I tell you this though, not even the best blonde hash can make this bollocks sound good.

Facebook Shawty - Estevan

One thing I personally never tire of is cheesy videos dedicated to facebook. It's one of those things that no matter how nerdy I may feel at any given time, and I am pretty damn nerdy, I'm actually doing okay socially speaking. I mean, we had past examples of guys talking about squeezing one off to girl's photos on facebook. Not to judge but if that's you, take that as a sign you need to get your life together.

But anyway, the steady constant behind the theory that any song written about social media is a guaranteed failure is still ironclad. Let's keep them coming and throw a few google+ ones in the mix as well.

High - Max Harris

Here you have a surefire sign one can watch entirely too much Glee. Once your kid starts looking like a younger, shorter, chubbier Kurt Hummel he's pretty well gone. Especially when he starts wearing makeup, dancing with jazz hands to bad thickly auto-tuned music and making YouTube videos of himself in the side yard doing so. I'm not about to judge the kid on how he wishes to live his life, I just hope his parents wasn't wanting any grandchildren. I'll judge his pants though. No self-respecting guy would ever be caught dead in public wearing an old pair of Hollister drawstring sweatpants. That's just wrong and in really bad taste!