Danger In The Manger - iwrestledabearonce

This is so confusing, it's almost a work of art. It's bubble gum pop with a bunch of deathcore mixed in. And really, how can a video that includes puppies, laser equipped sea turtles and a baby Jesus with an afro ever be bad?

Bitch Anthem - V Nasty

I proclaim you are listening to the future of hip-hop. Nicki Minaj has already started recording bollocks like this with Stupid Hoe. A YouTube viewer noted she said bitch over 110 times. A lazy and uninspiring attempt at being shocking, if you ask me. I've seen Solja Boy work harder on a rhyme and he's the benchmark on bad hip-hop.

Snapbacks - The Stack Boys

It's a upper-middle class suburban pre-teen thing, you wouldn't understand.

I'm no professional but I do remember from my childhood that any real collector of sports memorabilia knows snapbacks are crap. Fitted hats are the only thing worth putting on your head.

Don't Look In The Closet!

Oh Everything is Terrible, your epicocity knows no bounds. Personally, I wouldn't be as concerned about what's in the closet as I would about a father that'll jump in the bathtub with his son and his friend.

facebook my favorite song


Can't believe I'm posting a second facebook-themed song today. And as hard it could be to believe, this is worse than Bangs'. This guy took about around a minute's worth of content and stretched it to four minutes. No girls in this video either. Just a dude with a laptop and a phone. He doesn't even sing about hookin' up with a shorty through facebook. Just looking at profile pics. Reminds me of this old Green Day Song

Gym - Dave Neurotic, feat. Young Zeus and The Duffinator

I love these guys. They're brilliant, even if they're not going for a kind of Andy Kaufman humor. Being a moderately awkward bloke myself, I can really relate with these guys. Oh, and to be a fly on the wall, the humid sweat-moistened wall, while they were working out the lyrics to this song.

El Niño Mas Bonito - Mini Daddy (Adrianstio)

This kids a little pimp! I'm glad to see Manny from Modern Family finally decided to step up to get himself some game. Oh and we can't forget his little background dancers. ¡Muy Picante!