Stand With Hillary

Yes, because when I think of blue state, I think country music. The back woods of a seemingly southwestern pasture is the stereotypical domain any Democrat would feel comfortable to call home. And, on a side note, of course they had to take a couple seconds to disgrace Queen's, We will rock you. Queen should freakin' sue.

Raised in the land of FFA myself, I can say any fan of country music would find this song beyond revolting and down right insulting. Don't think SWH2016 cares. The vocalist is obviously doing an impression of a country singer: he's far too generic to be real. Considering this is contemporary country we're talking about, that's really saying something.

My guess is SWH2016 is actually using this video to give a big fat middle finger to those of us living in red states. They already know Hillary isn't getting these states so might as well take a huge fart in our pudding by making a video parodying their mind's eye vision of what a Republican looks like. For the record, it's just as insulting when the GOP does example escapes me at the moment.

Literally I Can't - Play-N-Skillz Feat. Redfoo, Lil Jon and Enertia McFly

First off, for everyone who was shocked and offended by this video, you're a moron and quite frankly, I would like to take a look at your iTunes library. For anyone who's crying sexism over this piece of crap -or over anything at all, really- while in position of even one Chris Brown song, it should be legal to shoot that person right in the back of the head. Not a fan of eugenics but I think we'd all agree the human race would be better off having that level of stupid out of the gene pool.

All going overboard aside, we got to consider the recipient of all the hate: We got freakin' Lil Jon so no surprise the guy who made this little gem made something misogynistic. Secondly, RedFoo, the scruffy hair having, next-level retarded hipster glasses wearing twat from LMFAO so of course it's gonna be a repetitive piece of shit only mental patients registering an IQ lesser than their shoe size would enjoy.

The Trap - Wyclef Jean & Mike Dunafon

Yep. As all the ugly ass signs littering everyone’s lawns would indicate, the political season has arrived. Just as annoying as these lawn banners that appear to be getting larger, to the point they're blocking our the from oncoming traffic, political viral videos have started popping up. One of the first of this season was a video from supporters of the commie Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Now, from the complete other end of the political spectrum, a Libertarian from Colorado running for governor by the name Mike Dunafon.

Run Liz Run - Campaign Video

Bet that parking lot is packed full of Priuses. I find it funny how in these badly made music videos, the left always channel Crosby, Stills and Nash while the GOP turn into some Brooks n' Dunn knock off. And my goodness the bumper sticker ideology. Nauseating as always. If this is the kind of presidential campaign Warren is counting on to get herself into office, she's screwed.

Poo Party -, Unicef Campaign

Things like this reminds me on how I won the lottery of life; I entered life in a clean hospital, washed and wrapped in fresh linens and was driven home to a house with an operational toilet and running water. Didn't have cable though.... That's a real hardship *sarcasm*.

I understand what unicef is trying to do and I agree with the importance of their mission but perhaps using a dancing, lively poop emoticon could send the wrong message, if not flat out undercut their entire mission. How much do I have to donate to get a pooh plush? I'm sure I don't have to point out advertising to the youth to poop in a toilet, like some contemporary PSA, regardless the country, is beyond odd. Their methodology really is not good at all; I shouldn't be laughing my ass off on what in reality is a serious problem affecting millions of lives in a very negative way. Who exactly is their intended audience? And what's with the pledge? I'm left with the feeling they're throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks. 
(This is the second time in the last three earbleeds I used the shit wall expression. It really fits on this one, I'm sure we can all agree.)