Obamacare is so gay...

Thought pandering to stereotypes was considered a bad thing. I can't wait to see the ad directed to urban black youth. Oh wait, we already did! The inclusion of a Christmas theme is timely disgusting.

Jews Can't Stop - Pro-Jewish Settler parody video

If the Palestinians didn't hate them enough already...

I'm no expert on mid-eastern or Israeli politics but I assume parodying a Miley Cyrus song about partying and taking on many of her mannerisms (e.g. poll dancing, grinding heavy machinery and licking rocks) isn't going to ease tension between the settlers and, well, anyone. Seems to send the wrong message.

Even beyond that, she started out badly on the lyric front: 

Bare land and Jewish bodies everywhere
Rockets through the air but who cares?

I may be missing context somewhere but isn't an ocean of dead and fiery balls of death something to be concerned about? Obviously very little thought went into the making of this song. In other words, looks like we found Israel's Miley.

Sign Up 'Cause its Hot - Alphacat

You ever hear a joke so many times it stops being funny and becomes sad? Like the guy who still mimics the old Budweiser​ Wasabi commercial, for example. Well, think that's where we are in this whole healthcare debate. They're parodying a tired, nearly 10-year-old shit song, and badly I might add, to promote a shit plan all in hopes 20-somethings will be gullible enough to sign up once/if they actually get the website working. If the younger generations don't buy in, the whole plan is gonna sink; that's the concept at least.

The administration and this guy along with all his other propagandists are bouncing around like they're selling Pepsi and coming off like that strange kid down the block who wants to be friends. Trying too damn hard. It's sad. He use to be the head of the mothea f--kin' state! Now he's selling freakin' Pepsi.

Tila Tequila's Racist Rant Put to Bad Music

She has nearly 2 million likes on facebook which makes Tila Tequila the most popular Nazi alive and apparently she's really been chugging this poison-laced Kool-aid hard. She built a website back in July called anonymoustruthblog.com when facebook locked her account for 30 days. She posted a blog entry titled, "Facebook is Full of Shit".... it's pretty funny in a pathetic way. Obviously she hasn't a clue what the word "anonymous" means seeing she has her face, name and stuff about her plastered all over the website. Guess just like every Guy Fawkes mask wearing jackass, she simply likes the sound of the word.

She posted this video on her website saying she created it in her room in three minutes and urged her fans to make it go viral. Little over 45,000 views in two days 227 dislikes and disturbingly 171 likes. Compared to Rebecca Black's Saturday posted the day before is now at 13 million, not so viral.