Hitler Was A Sensitive Man - Anal Cunt

....Speaking of politics: If you choose to have a spirited debate with someone, please keep in mind equating the opposing political party to Hitler or the Nazi regime is a sure fire way to lose. It shows to your opponent that you've got nothin'. Same thing goes for the KKK. And keep in mind that goes for everyone, no matter one's political affiliation; excluding National Socialist of course.

I'm Dreaming (Of a White President) - Randy Newman

Randy Newman is such an ass. If he's perpetuating the viewpoint that the only reason people don't vote for Obama is because they don't like the idea of a black man in the Whitehouse, that must mean I know some racist black people. Obviously for Randy a little white guilt goes a long, long way. I have to bring into question his level of intelligence, but hell, look at who we're talking about. This is the same guy who came up with the song Short People. Don't think he's ever been playing with a full deck.

will.i.am and John Legend live at the DNC

I don't think we need to get too political to agree this simply sucks. I find it funny they showed the drummer (who looks suspiciously like Diddy) more than will.i.am. Oh, and at 1:45 checked out the woman in the red top doing the white girl dance. Funny, funny stuff.

Diary of an unborn child / Why Did You Kill Me Mommy? - Lil Markie

I ran across this one a few years back and just remembered it last night. Lil Markie was a character created by evangelical, pro-life activist Mark Fox. From the pictures of him I've seen his sweater and mullet screams late-80's to early-90's. As you'll hear, in this story, Lil Markie is an unborn child keeping an in utero journal, jotting down all the changes he's noticing about himself and optimistically looking to the future of his life outside his mother. That is until something terrible happens...

How an unborn fetus can keep a journal or, more importantly, how can a dead unborn fetus sing about its own abortion, well, that's not important. Just sit back and enjoy the absurdity. 

Mary J. Blige Burger King Chicken Wrap Commercial

I heard about this "racist" commercial including Mary J Blige singing about a chicken rap. I was expecting to see something stupid and, what do you know, I wasn't disappointed. What a stupid commercial. But racist? Let me get this straight: You're trying to tell me just because she's black she's not allowed to advertise a chicken wrap? And Burger King are the one's being racist? STFU!

You want to see something racist? Do you really want something to send Al Sharpton after? 
Here's you go!