GSA Federal Worker Rap Video

Like pretty much everyone else I find this obscenely repulsive. I mean, not the part where a government employeeis rapping about wasting money, or even the thought of him winning an award at some kind of weird conference for his asinine rap. I'm use to the government pissing money away; that's what they do best. And we are talking about General Services Administration: The Mustard Tiger of the Federal Government. 

What pisses me off about this is the fact he won using a Travie McCoy song. I do, however, find it humorous the talking heads on the news had no idea it's a hack of his song, Billionaire.

Jim Yong Kim Performing a Rendition of Time of My Life

Jim Yong Kim is the President of Dartmouth College and, more importantly, President Obama's nomination to head the World Bank. I'm going off memory here, but I'm pretty sure it just so happens he's a Transnationalist, or in the very least an economic globalizationist.

If the idea of a global socialist running the World Bank isn't enough to run shivers down your spine, how about the thought of a guy who thinks a Bill Medley/Black Eyed Peas mashup was a good idea? Scary times we live in. Scary times, indeed.

Cee Lo Green Singing “F--- You” at Obama Fundraiser

Cee Lo Green proved to us recently that he's a complete and utter dumbass. At any time you're in the same room as the president, (or representing the president... Don't know if Obama was actually there or not) NO! It's not okay to cuss! I mean, sure, we have the freedom to do so. But geez have a little respect for the office, you idiot.

Game On - Rich Santorum Campaign Ad

I still have a weak stomach from Super Tuesday where Santorum unsurprisingly won in our state. Even though I'm so sick of politics I still love cheesy little campaign songs like this. This one is somewhat better than many I've seen. At least in comparison to the NewtHampshire abortion over the Christmas holiday.