The Linda Finkle Hall of Fame

Back around '05 to '06, for my birthday my wife gifted me my very first iPod and back then podcasts was the next new thing. I checked out many podcasts like Nobody Likes Onions, Keith and the Girl and Red Bar Radio. There was one podcast that I found which was different from all of those; that podcast, which is hosted by Tim Henson called the Distorted View Daily. The best way to describe Tim's podcast is as the audio version of fetish pornography. His show is best known for featuring the most disgusting, most disturbing audio the Internet affords us.

One really has to have a strong stomach to even attempt to listen to his show but if you can manage handle stuff like the dick hole guy and "chicken nugget!" you'll be rewarded with amazing features like his Linda Finkle Hall of Fame. The Linda Finkle Hall of fame is a bit Tim has come up with to feature the worst music his listeners could conjure up.

For the past few years, before I started this website, I quit listening to DV; I become less interested in podcasts and DV became too much for me to handle. I've recently started following his show again and was reminded of Linda Finkle.

Newt Gingrich’s 'Deck The Halls' Political Parody

Christmas is over and not soon enough, right? Newt's New Hampshire team released this appalling fail two days before Christmas. I think most everyone on both sides of the party line, especially Christians, would be offended by this. I mean, what a terrible idea; generally speaking people hate political ads, Christmas songs and cheesy parodies, so how could combining the three ever sound like a good idea? Suppose that's what one could expect from those who came up with, "NewtHampshire".

Huntsman's Back - Huntsman's Daughters

 I have nothing against Jon Huntsman. In fact, like most people, I don't really know anything about him. If his daughters wanted to make a song for his campaign, it would have been wise to use it to introduce him telling us what he's actually about. They used Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" so it's obvious little thought went into this production.

It's a Liberty Walk (Tribute to OWS) - Miley Cyrus

Thought I posted this the other day but guess I forgot. But anyway, the very fact the likes of Miley Cyrus is piling onto this so-called movement is proof it's nothing more than a fad. It's populated by the disgruntled unemployed and hipsters who just moved out of the comfort of their parent's basement.

These hipsters are learning for the first time not everything is just given to them and, how this generation is that of overly-coddled children who were given everything by their parents, they can't comprehend, haven't yet figured out, the vilified so-called 1% worked their assess off for what they have. No matter if it's by ignorance or by choice they make it apparent they don't want to work hard for their well being; they don't want to use capitalism. Useful idiots see capitalism as greedy but how is demanding money from others any less greedy? Why don't you work your ass off for 30 years until your hair has turn gray and fallen out just for some early-20's idiot in a fedora and Guy Fawks mask to call you a prick for having more money than him. Let's see how you feel. It may not be hip but it's a little thing called prospective.

Mama Economy - Tay Zonday (The Chocolate Rain Guy)

Yeah, I don't know about all that. Like for one, income hasn't increased in the last 30 to 40 years? I'd like to see where he got that data. Like what is a "living wage" defied as in terms of dollars and cents? It's so subjective to one's location and style of living there's no real answer. But whatever, one is open to their own opinions and view of the economy. Mine is that the the biggest mistake our country made in respect to our economic system is going off the gold standard. That and whenever you mix socialism with capitalism, both fail.