If There Ever Was A Time - Third Eye Blind

Here's proof that the Occupy movement is in real trouble. People have been comparing the protesters to the anti-war protesters of the late-60's, early-70's. That may be less asinine than the comparison to the freedom fighters. But still, there's one large difference: the music for/by this movement is complete shite. Third Eye Blind is no Edwin Starr, no matter how much pot one has been smoking in a rape tent.

Jedward performed "Lipstick" for the Obama's

Lipstick - Jedward

Before the Obama's went to the U.K. these little guys, with hair that is unbelievably more annoying than Bieber's, stayed off our radar of ridicule. They are so terrible I can't believe I've never heard of them before today.

Think about it: Ireland gave our president a pint of Guinness; the Brits gave him a teeny-pop concert. Why do you think the view in this country is, "Ireland is nice this time of the year" yet, "It doesn't quit raining in England."?

This is the song they performed for the Obama's. Just tell me if it's a cultural misunderstanding but there's something seriously creepy about every three minutes of this mess. If they weren't 19-year-old brothers ...... Wait, they're 19? They must be taking some kind of anti-growth hormone or something.

Anyway, if they weren't 19-year-old brothers, there would be strong suspicions that they're gay lovers. Seriously, did you see the clip where they were holding each other in middle of a heart, like some kind of Valentines Day card from Fire Island? Even Adam Lambert would tell them to dial it back a bit.

Like I was saying, God bless our president for making it through this. Guess we now know how the Queen felt about receiving an iPod on their last visit.

I'm So Going out to Buy Sabra Hummus!!!

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to present an opinion.
Just using common knowledge & applying logic

Aah, to be in my early 20's again and
repeatedly hit upside the head with a brick. . .

There are three things I can't stand: Lady Gaga, flash mobs, and boycotts. If you combine these three, I don't care what the subject, I will automatically be opposed to that cause. It could be a protest against a puppy killing spray which profits will go to the Organization of Nazi Pedophiles for the Eating of New Born Babies. Even if the protest was for something like that I would buy a case of the stuff.

Not that the mind numbing, anti-Semitic presentation wasn't bad enough, it was enacted by the ugliest group of women one could compile within the state of Wisconsin. I truly don't intend on being mean, I know I'm no supermodel myself, but I'm simply stating the obvious. I counted at least two girls with mullets for crying out loud!

Also, these can't possibly be the best and brightest from that specific liberal studies community college. Considering - and I'm making a safe assumption - at least half of these kids are gay and none of them get the irony behind this protest.

Let me clarify if you don't understand: they're in support of Palestine. The Palestinian region is well known for killing non-Muslims and openly stoning homosexuals. Feel free to look it up.

Head of The State - Baracka Flacka Flames

Advisory: Offensive, racist language (multiple use of the n-word) and drug use (Not for Children)

I know this is a parody and I usually don't share this type of content but it's rare to come across something as ignorant as this. Seriously, how many stereotypes and n-words can you fit in a three and a half minute clip? Apparently the word "Change" is lost on this crew or if this is their idea of change we all should be concerned.

Yes we can?

The last thing I want is to have politics involved in this website but what the hell is this? Politics aside, how many times do you have to say "Yes we can" in a four and a half video?

Can we make an extremely annoying earbleed? Yes we can!