Snoppen och snippan (Willy & Fanny) - Bacillakuten på Barnkanalen

This video was made for the program Bacillakuten on Swedish Public Service as a kind of physical education, educating young children the difference between boys and girls. A cartoon wang flopping back and forth and a fanny bopping to the point it appears to dilate, no shocker it didn't go over too well with Swedish parents. 

On a side note: What guy at some point of his life didn't dress up his little buddy in headgear of some sort?
 Don't personally have any memory of doing any such thing but surely it's something I've done as a weird little kid.

But I digress...

OU Cap, Sooner Football Hype Song - BAM!

There's yet another season of college football upon us, which means an onslaught of bedlam fanatics to annoy the rest of us. Past examples: 1 2 3 4 and 5.

This one is specifically special. Not only because it's OU, not even because the guy who made this is local to L-Town and not even the fact he's in county lockup at the moment for possession/concealment of stolen goods (held on $5,000 bail, as I understand). What makes this one special is how he has been reaching out from jail to several of my journalist buddies in all attempts to make his video reach a "viral platform" so he can have "the video redone professionally".

Achy Breaky 2 - Buck 22 feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

The fusion of hip-hop and country isn't exactly a new concept. I'm sure everyone remembers Accidental Racist. There are a few examples that aren't a complete embarrassment, I just can't quite remember any.

I find it ironic Larry King is reporting the sighting of a UFO seeing how he looks very much like an alien himself. He's starting to get that E.T. quality in his older age.

So, there's a UFO "transcending" over Europe at 35,000 mph while at the same time hovering over Kentucky? And while you're reporting the existence of aliens and that they're currently in our skies, that's when you choose to mention Muhammad Ali was born in Kentucky? Alright, let's use that as a barometer for the level of attention taken in the process of making this video.

Nonetheless, I'll say this version is actually an improvement over the 90's original that polluted good memories of our childhood. Not exactly a hard task. Anyway, let's dig in.

#XmasJammies & A Little Seasonial Social Commentary

Think everyone has already came across this whole #XmasJammies thing and already grown sick of it. I like the idea of them mocking the vain practice that is the family Christmas letter and I congratulate them on how successfully their video went viral; one hell of a start for their new business. They seem like a wonderful couple with beautiful children and I haven't an ill word to say about them and I hope they have huge success in their new venture. I just hope their production videos aren't as admittedly asinine. I cringe at the idea my mom may reference their neighbor, "Are those Christmas jammies!?" Seeing we'll see her in a few days I so hope my mom, living out on a farm with no cable and a bad Internet connection, is the one person who hasn't seen this video. They're talking about selling their services for political use. Cheesy videos mixed with politics is prime for mockery but so painful, not worth the joke. Guess we'll find out here pretty soon.