The L-Town Hip-Hop Scene

Swag Step - Quava J

After doing a little bit of digging to get a feel of the hip-hop scene here in Lawton, Oklahoma I found this gem. Yeah, it may not be the best example of our local acts. For fairness to my beloved hometown I'll get to those in a minute.

Evidently after the release of this video, Quava J's musical aspirations was short-lived. All I managed to find was a MySpace page with a few more tracks and a facebook fan page with three likes and two posts: one of a photo of her looking old-school hip and another with a link to her now deleted ReverbNation page.

I love she decided to shoot this video at one of our loveliest parks, Elmer Thomas Park with kids and the L-Town Ruff Riders motorcycle club. It's cute and sweet but that doesn't save its horridness. Seriously, Swag Step? Those two words alone kill this song. The worst word in the English dictionary is swag and songs dedicated to simplistic dance moves is beyond cheesy. She seem to give it her most though and she had fun in the process; I gotta give her that.

I Not Bitch, I Wanna Be Rich - Nicky

It's self-evident Nicky hasn't know English for very long. It's quite obvious, however, she's already learned the term, "Gold digger".

Did she say, "I have big tits and I like phony dicks"? I know earlier she said, "and get old rich boy to happy end". "Don't wanna work I wanna eat pork" was a good line too. And given the chorus I'm forced to believe the name of this song is, "I not bitch, I wanna be rich."  Can't understand much of anything else...something about Obama maybe...We really need a lyric sheet. 

Uncle Obama - Sister Deborah feat. FOKN Bois

There has been a claim made that this song has nothing to do with our President; the person she's singing about just happens to have the same last name as him. Even if that is true, for someone to believe the thought of the use of the name 'Obama' didn't enter her mind as a good gimmick to get some attention for her video is naive to put it mildly. After all she only said Uncle Obama around a hundred times.

Let's say for the sake of argument this video isn't about our President, I find that much more troubling. The alternative explanation is she's making a double entendre about her uncle's big banana. What the hell is going on in West Africa!? For the very least I smell serious childhood issues.

It's Thanksgiving - Nicole Westbrook

Patrice Wilson at the Ark Music Factory is at it again. After the backlash from the horrible song writing of Rebecca Black's "Friday" one would think they would put a little more effort in their songs. But no, in fact they took the sudo-educational lyrical style (e.g. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards) and put it right in the sub-chorus: "December was Christmas, January was New Year, April was Easter and the forth of July. Now it's Thanksgiving!"
They did mix it up a bit this time. Rather than Patrice himself doing the rap break, he left the liberty to Nicole. Frankly, I don't know which is worse.
To be fair I have to say, at least after the nasal vocal stylings of Rebecca Black, Nicole has a decent voice. I can't say she's right for solo work; She has the kind of voice that would sit nicely in a Christmas children's choir at your local Methodist Church. It's hard to say for sure though: This is AMF after all thus her voice is hidden in a deep glossing of auto tune. And perhaps it's all a relative kind of thing.

Take the 'R' Train - Amateur Romney Political Campaign


Hmm, take the 'R' train. Makes me wonder if Duke Ellington was an anarchist.

We're a little over two week away from picking a new president and tonight we have one more debate to stomach though. Every four years we always banter on and on about one candidate or the other. It's easy for us to get bogged down in our ideological details but let's remember we live in the same country and most of us still hold many of the same values on which this nation was founded; that of mutual respect, support for each other's personal liberties, the freedom to have and express our views and so on.

That said, the liberty we're afforded is a breeding ground for crazies and I present this earbleed as a perfect example. Keep in mind even the left have their own crazies to worry about, so there's no finger pointing here.