Who Could Support The Liberals - ForAmerica.org

Yep, here we go again. Tonight a couple suits are going to stand up to talk about how the other person is a liar and how their party is responsible for all of the world's problems. Personally, after watching this crap for what I'm sure has been two years now, I'm reminded of the classic Richard Pryor movie, Brewster's Millions. That's who I'm voting for!

Since my mind is made up I'm not even going to bother watching the debate; pundits and people on facebook in form of mems are going to banter off about it till the next debate anyway. My time is much better spent reeking havoc on Team Fortress 2. Feel free to look me up if you want to join in.

Obviously this is a very right-leaning video. Before you jump to judgment remember that both sides are guilty of making crap like this. So yeah, at least the stupidity is bipartisan.

I Like It Girl - Buddha Luck

DJ sample mix tracks tend to be monotonous and repetitive in nature but this one takes it to another level. There isn't enough ecstasy in the state of California to make this sound good. 

Submitted by Malinda.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

Before anything else, WTF is a furry doing with Bo Diddley's guitar?

Taylor Swift is one of those people I actively try to ignore. The last time I checked she was still country. Now she's a little pop star wearing hipster glasses and dorky pajamas. Okay but why did she need to go the Carly Rae Jepsen route? Hmm, thinking out loud, I guess that's what's selling these days. Please no one tell Madonna!!!

I'll go as far as to believe her band is in fact comprised entirely of furries, even though her lap steel guitarist obviously has no idea how it works. Aah well, that doesn't matter in pop music just as long as you look cute, cool and/or witty.

Backstreet Boys Hipster Cover

This perhaps is the most hipster thing I've ever seen in my life. It's not bad enough they're singing the terrible Backstreet Boys song "As long as you love me" with a ukulele accompaniment, they're doing so in a room filled with vintage things including an old phonograph while dressed like it's 1932. I don't know in what neighborhood they live but this is exactly what I would come to expect if Austin's 6th St. had apartment complexes (don't know if there is or not). It's ironic, really: hipster culture would be so amazingly awesome if it wasn't for all the hipsters.

Thanks to Scott for finding the video for me.

Early Naughties Pier 1 Imports Employee Training Rap

Imagine being a guy in his mid-40's, starving so badly for a job he decides to work at a Pier 1 till he's able to get back on his feet again. Having to work retail in a strip mall franchise with snarky liberal arts majors would be difficult enough without having to first sit down to watch an intellectually insulting piece of crap like this.