Hammer - Keedy Black

Thought this sounded pretty familiar and then I realized it's made by the same guy who came up with Wal-Mart. Oh yeah, don't know what Bonose TV is, but whoever is running it loves the twerk and mind-numbing repetition. Obviously they know what sells!

Stand By Me Party Rock Anthem - DJs from Mars Bootle

I've recently been forced against my will to listen to this atrocity. I'm no International law scholar but subjecting a person to a Party Rock Anthem/Stand By Me dubstep remix set on a loop surely goes against the Geneva Convention.

I'm A Celebrity - Spencer Pratt

I'm not the kind of guy who disparages how another makes his money but Spencer Pratt is an exception. If you want to hate someone for making a living out of being a total douche bag you don't need to go any further than him. I never watched a single episode of any of the brain dead shows he was on so I don't have any point of reference on why I should dislike him, yet I still do. There's something about him. He has that kind of face even Gandhi would want to punch.

Rihanna (That's My Attitude) - Flo Rida

Wow this is really bad.....even by Flo Rida standards. Whoever thought it'd be a good idea to have a smurf voice repeat "Rihanna" throughout the entire song has to be a complete idiot. It's amazing though. Rihanna doesn't even have to be directly involved whatsoever to make something even less listenable. 

Winky Winky Bum Bum

We never fully grow up do we? Our kids may not pay attention to much in school but they sure as hell have human anatomy down. In fact I would consider this to be an educational film. If you like this song you will also find much enjoyment from Willy Bum Bum.