Thank You Facebook

People, will you ever learn? There's been at least three examples this year alone (1 2 3) that writing a song about facebook is a BAD idea. It'll only result in you looking like a complete tool. What's even worse is this one's a collab. I don't want to see a middle-aged hipster dancing to a bad song. Why would I want to see a group of middle-aged hipsters and their spoiled kids dancing to a bad song with a cheesy British rap break sprinkled in?

I Love My City - Lower Valley Tres

It's always good to have community pride regardless of it's problems. Just as long as you're not the ones causing those aforementioned problems. I'm sure these guys are cool; bad hip-hop isn't technically illegal.

Girl Swag - Madison Bray

This has to be one of the more painful earbleeds I've come across in good while. The level awkwardness tweens bring to the table is staggering. I bring this video to everyone's attention with the hope we can all agree to put the word "swag" to bed. Hopefully we can all agree it's a terrible word no one should ever use again: much like words like ginormous and chillax.

Axel F - Crazy Frog

Whoever took the worst ring tone ever created and turned it into a full length music video should be shot.

Walk Wit Mah Tits

We're talking about man boobs. 

Obesity has become a real problem in this country thus Kramer's Manzier is a product that can be profitable.