Gym - Dave Neurotic, feat. Young Zeus and The Duffinator

I love these guys. They're brilliant, even if they're not going for a kind of Andy Kaufman humor. Being a moderately awkward bloke myself, I can really relate with these guys. Oh, and to be a fly on the wall, the humid sweat-moistened wall, while they were working out the lyrics to this song.

El Niño Mas Bonito - Mini Daddy (Adrianstio)

This kids a little pimp! I'm glad to see Manny from Modern Family finally decided to step up to get himself some game. Oh and we can't forget his little background dancers. ¡Muy Picante!

Jim Yong Kim Performing a Rendition of Time of My Life

Jim Yong Kim is the President of Dartmouth College and, more importantly, President Obama's nomination to head the World Bank. I'm going off memory here, but I'm pretty sure it just so happens he's a Transnationalist, or in the very least an economic globalizationist.

If the idea of a global socialist running the World Bank isn't enough to run shivers down your spine, how about the thought of a guy who thinks a Bill Medley/Black Eyed Peas mashup was a good idea? Scary times we live in. Scary times, indeed.

No Way No Way - Vanilla

Irregardless how much they try there is nothing sexy about this video. Nothing at all! And who was the genius who thought using "Ma na ma na" was a bright idea? No wonder I've never heard of this girl band; they reek of failure.