Little Wings - Mark Gormley

I can't help but to love this guy. He's really putting himself out there. I only wish he put more into his song than a single two bar riff. Why not try slipping a chorus in there in between each verse? It's all the craze! But never mind. You're doin' your own thing. At least this song wasn't nearly as creepy as "Without You".

My Jeans - Jenna Rose feat. Baby Triggy

How could I have possibly not come across this until now!? This song predates Rebecca Black's Friday, so, in every fashion, right down to the mid-song urban black guy rap break, GlaDOS style auto-tune (which is amazingly thicker than in Friday), and nothing subject, Jenna Rose is Rebecca Black before Rebecca Black!

For me, over everything else, this song is Further proof teenage girls shouldn't be on the Internet. Not at least until they reach the age 16... On second thought, 18. They sure as hell don't need iPhones; surely we could all agree with that.

Rick Roll, Manualist Style

What a world we live in, isn't it? I looked it up: "Manualism - the little-known art of playing music by squeezing air through the hands." And how great is this?

It would be so easy to rag on the guy and make some kind of masturbation joke, but no. If you think about it, what you're experiencing here is the cornerstone of America. No, not fart noises - not entirely at least - but rather, this guy found the one thing he's good at, and no matter how stupid that thing may be, he kept working at it until he became the best manualist he could possibly be. Kudos my friend and God bless this great nation!

Badass Soldier - Clinton Paul

Videos like this pop up from time to time. It's never completely clear what's really going on but it leaves a person with the feeling the artist is trying so valiantly, with overly masculine gestures and imagery, done in a very awkward way, to use heterosexuality as a veil for something inside themselves that's far less hetero. I'm not judging, mind you. Only giving an observation.

Ooh Stick You - Daphne and Celeste

We've all gone to primary school. We all knew who the "mean girls" were. And it's somewhat gratifying to know they're usually the girls who end up preggers by age 17 and/or doing porn, being railed by some creepy guy and strung out on drugs by age 30. Oh adulthood: it really is the great equalizer.