Gangnam Style - PSY

When I fist saw this I thought to myself, "Great a Korean LMFAO" and I ignored it. Tired of doing international stuff; one get's in a domestic mood from time to time. But it's really been buzzing over the weekend (e.g. mems on facebook and the like). You know what this is a rebirth of, right? Remember the Six Flags guy? Maybe this guy's American popularity could simply be nostalgia.

Like A Princess - Double Take

About a month after these two twits released Hot Problems, they came out with this mistake. It took me four months before I realized they did another song. The reason is obvious: this song wasn't buzzing because no one cares. At the time of posting this entry, Hot Problems has a little over 15.4 million hits whereas this video only has just under 130 thousand. That must be killing them. Obviously they wanted to reach a Rebecca Black style of fame. The only problem is, even though Rebecca Black is terrible, she's not an egotistical little twat. There's no target demographic for that.

Birthday Song - 2 Chainz feat. Kanye West

Personally, I believe "big booties" are going out of style faster than capri pants. And you can thank videos like this and Nicki Minaj for the declining trend. It's fine with me; never been a big fan anyway.

Stand By Me Party Rock Anthem - DJs from Mars Bootle

I've recently been forced against my will to listen to this atrocity. I'm no International law scholar but subjecting a person to a Party Rock Anthem/Stand By Me dubstep remix set on a loop surely goes against the Geneva Convention.

Go Hard (La.La.La) - Kreayshawn

The listener MaFe pointed out that the worst thing to happen to Hip-Hop since Soulja boy, Kreayshawn, made released a new song back in July. And yeah, ew. "I can't think of any actual lyrics for the chorus, so I'm gonna la la la la la la la la la and repeat stuff, repeat stuff." She also revamped her look a little; she's starting to look a little more like Lady Gaga. Guess the whole hipster look wasn't working for her anymore. To me, however, she's still and will always be the hipster rapper.