I'm Hot - Pinkyxxx

Dyeing your hair pink doesn't make a woman Rihanna. Last time I checked Rihanna doesn't have a huge gap in her teeth, mounds of cellulite and an extra 40 lbs of fat *primarily located in the ass*. On top of that, if that wasn't unfortunate enough, her voice.....she makes Rihanna sound like Whitney Houston.

Six Pack - Gifted But Twisted

Oh man I'm amazed how deeply this pile of crap buries the needle on the ol' douche-o-meter. There is nothing more annoying than a pencil-neck geek with way more ego than ability. Guess that's what we get babying our children, telling them they're special even if all they do is sit around playing XBox and masturbating. *Not to say that's a bad way to spend a Tuesday*

Paris Hilton rockin' the Digital Wheels of Steel

Woke up this morning to find everyone again talking about Paris Hilton. I thought it had something to do with her new album but no, she played DJ in Brazil! Everyone these days wants to be a DJ but most don't get it; they want to be both DJ and MC and usually they couldn't tell you the difference.

Personally I would much rather hear her DJ than attempt to sing songs of her own. It's better she screws up other people's terrible work than to make her own bile. I just have to ask what DJ name she gave herself? "Mix Master Anywhere But In My Hair"?

Heartbeat - Heidi Montag

In my opinion, everything produced from reality TV is a social pariah; especially flaming farts like Heidi Montag. Of course she wants to be a singer; Girls like her can't get enough attention to fill their need from one medium alone. In fact, she has produced an entire album ironically titled "Superficial". I've actually posted this song back in January 2011 before updating this website. This song is so forgettable I completely forgot I even posted it. Since it's buzzing again, for some stupid reason, I decided to go ahead and repost it just to forget all about it again.

Baby On Fire - Die Antwoord

Oh I thank God for Die Antwoord and their refreshing absurdity. I never wish to visit South Africa but if I ever did it would be so I could experience the atmosphere that created this dynamic duo.